TRECVID 2018 guidelines

Streaming Multimedia Knowledge Base Population

Task coordinators: Hoa Dang, Shahzad Rajput, George Awad, and Asad Butt

System task

Given streams of text, speech, images, video, and their associated metadata, from a variety of genres, both formal (e.g.,news) and informal (e.g., social media, blogs), systems are asked to analyze each incoming information item (~100k items in total) and produce a set of structured representations (knowledge elements) about events, sub-events or actions, entities, relations, locations, time, and sentiments (beliefs) that are observable in that information item (all of them, not just the most confident!) given an ontology/schema and zero or more background (context) information.

More detailed guidelines about the task evaluation, metrics and data and schedule will be available soon on the Text Analysis Conference (TAC) website.