IRF: An IR Framework 

This is a guide to IRF, an object-oriented framework for information retrieval applications. The purpose of the guide is to provide information of a basic nature about IRF and a sample text retrieval application (SampleApp).

  1. It describes what IRF is, what its origins are, how is it organized, and how to install and test it.
  2. It summarizes how the major classes are involved in the main functionality supported by IRF: converting data into documents which can then be indexed, retrieved using a query, and presented. Details about the classes themselves are contained in the source code using javadoc comments.
  3. It discusses some scenarios for using IRF and the sample application as-is and with varying degrees of tailoring/extension.
  4. It addresses known problems, some of the many things we wanted to do but didn't get to, and some references.
Here is a table of contents:
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