TREC-7 Interactive Track Searcher Questionnaires

Here are html versions of the minimum data collection instruments the Rutgers team has prepared for use by all participants in the TREC-7 Interactive Track.
  1. Please note that these data collection instruments are the MINIMUM required of all participants. All sites are free to add to these instruments, and to add any others they would like. We suggest, however, that all additions be made to the END of each of these questionnaires, and that new instruments be applied AFTER these, as appropriate.
  2. Please note that the SEARCHER WORKSHEET is the method that we have specified for people to note the instances as they discover them. This is a requirement of the track (we want to know what people think instances are, and to compare them to what the evaluators think they are), but it doesn't need to be met by this form if, for instance, a system offers the opportunity for such labels on-screen.
  3. The instruments are to be administered as follows:
  4. Additional questionnaire items specific to each site should be added to the _end_ of each of these questionnaires, or administered in separate questionnaires _after_ each of these, as appropriate. Interviews and other data collection instruments should _follow_ the ones indicated here (e.g., an "exit interview" should _follow_ the "Exit Questionnaire", _not_ come before it).

Nick Belkin

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