TRECVID: Speaker Proposals

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The workshop will include a paper session for each task, a poster/demo session, and various other discussions. Anyone may present a poster without notification. (As for demos, we are still working to find out what will be allowed/supported there.) Since speaker time is limited, we'll ask anyone who wishes to be considered for a paper presentation to submit a speaker proposal by the deadline given in the Guideline milestons. The coordinators and I will use these in making up the final workshop schedule.

A speaker proposal should consist of a short (under 500 words) abstract about your experiments in a given task. The abstracts should emphasize what experiments you did and why they are interesting or unusual rather than provide a general description of your system.

The proposals must be in simple ASCII text and you should email the (1-4) proposals (one per task) from your group as the body of one email to over at Please separate and clearly mark them by TASK.

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