Example types of video needs

I'm interested in video material containing:

Topics may target commercials as well as news content.


The topics, formatted multimedia statements of information need, will be developed by NIST who will control their distribution. The topics will express the need for video concerning people, things, events, locations, etc. and combinations of the former. Candidate topics (text only) will be created at NIST by examining a large subset of the test collection videos without reference to the audio, looking for candidate topic targets. Note: Following the VACE III goals, topics asking for video of events will be much more frequent this year - exploring the limits of one-keyframe-per-shot approaches for this kind of topic and encouraging exploration beyond those limits. Accepted topics will be enhanced with non-textual examples from the Web if possible and from the development data if need be. The goal is to create 24 topics.

* Note: The identification of any commercial product or trade name does not imply endorsement or recommendation by the National Institute of Standards and Technology