TRECVID 2011 Runs and Detailed Results

Instance Search Pilot

Training type (TT):                                 

  X - placeholder, not informational for instance search runs

Condition (C):

  NO -  the run DID NOT use info (including the file name) from the 
        IACC.1 *_meta.xml files

  YES - the run DID use info (including the file name) from the
        IACC.1 *_meta.xml files

Priority (P)

	F u l l y   a u t o m a t i c   r u n s

C   sysId              P  Research group
NO  ATT.duplicate      1  AT&Labs Research

NO  CAUVIS_USP         1  Instituto de Matematica e Estatistica - USP

NO  FIU-UM-1           1  Florida International University
NO  FIU-UM-2           2
NO  FIU-UM-3           3
NO  FIU-UM-4           4

NO  IRIM_1             1  Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble
NO  IRIM_2             2
NO  IRIM_3             3
NO  IRIM_4             4

NO  JRS_VUT            1  JOANNEUM RESEARCH and Vienna University of Technology
NO  JRS_VUT            2
NO  JRS_VUT            3
NO  JRS_VUT            4

NO  MCPRBUPT1          1  Beijing University of Posts and Telecom. - MCPRL
NO  MCPRBUPT2          2
NO  MCPRBUPT3          3

NO  NII.Caizhi.HISim   3  National Institute of Informatics
NO  NII.Caizhi.HISimZ  4
NO  NII.Chanseba       2
NO  NII.SupCatGlobal   1

NO  NTT-NII            1  NTT Communication Science Laboratories-NII
NO  NTT-NII            3
NO  NTT-NII            4

NO  TNO-BOWCOL         2  Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research
NO  TNO-SUREIG         3
NO  TNO-SURFAC2        1

NO  TU_sys_1           1  Tokushima University
NO  TU_sys_2           2

NO  UbiRG10A           3  Institut TELECOM SudParis,  Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs France
NO  UbiRG10M           4
NO  UbiRG20A           1
NO  UbiRG20M           2

NO  vireo_b            2  City University of Hong Kong
NO  vireo_f            1
NO  vireo_m            4
NO  vireo_s            3

   I n t e r a c t i v e   r u n s    

C  sysId               P  Research group
NO  AXES_DCU_1         1  Access to Audiovisual Archives
NO  AXES_DCU_2         2
NO  AXES_DCU_3         3
NO  AXES_DCU_4         4

       T O P I C S   i n   b r i e f:

Number: Type      Text

9023    OBJECT    setting sun
9024    LOCATION  upstairs, inside the windmill
9025    OBJECT    fork
9026    OBJECT    trailer
9027    OBJECT    SUV
9028    OBJECT    plane flying
9029    LOCATION  downstairs, inside the windmill
9030    OBJECT    the Parthenon	
9031    OBJECT    yellow dome with clock
9032    OBJECT    spiral staircase
9033    OBJECT    newsprint balloon
9034    OBJECT    tall, cylindrical building
9035    OBJECT    tortoise
9036    OBJECT    all yellow balloon
9037    OBJECT    windmill seen from outside
9038    PERSON    female presenter X
9039    PERSON    Carol Smilie
9040    PERSON    Linda Robson
9041    OBJECT    monkey
9042    PERSON    male presenter Y
9043    PERSON    Tony Clark's wife
9044    OBJECT    American flag
9045    OBJECT    lantern
9046    PERSON    grey-haired lady
9047    OBJECT    airplane-shaped balloon