TRECVID 2012 Runs and Detailed Results

Instance Search Pilot

Training type (TT):                                 

  X - placeholder, not informational for instance search runs

Condition (C):

  NO -  the run DID NOT use info (including the file name) from the 
        IACC.1 *_meta.xml files

  YES - the run DID use info (including the file name) from the
        IACC.1 *_meta.xml files

Priority (P)

	F u l l y   a u t o m a t i c   r u n s

C   sysId               P  Research group
NO  att.combined        2  AT&T Labs Research
NO  att.combined_tophit 4
NO  att.masked          3
NO  att.unmasked        1

NO  Bilkent             1  Bilkent University

NO  CeaList             1  CEA
NO  CeaList             2
NO  CeaList             3
NO  CeaList             4

NO  DCU_IAD             1  Dublin City University, IAD

NO  FTRDBJ              1  France Telecom Orange Labs (Beijing)
NO  FTRDBJ              2
NO  FTRDBJ              3

NO  IMP.h_e2            1  Osaka Prefecture University
NO  IMP.h_e3            3
NO  IMP.h_f_e1          4
NO  IMP.h_f_e2          2

NO  IRIM_1              1  Indexation et Recherche d'Information Multimédia GDR-ISIS
NO  IRIM_2              2
NO  IRIM_3              3
NO  IRIM_4              4

NO  JRSVUT1             2  JOANNEUM RESEARCH FmbH, Vienna University of Technology
NO  JRSVUT2             1
NO  JRSVUT3             3
NO  JRSVUT4             4

NO  madmDfki            1  German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
NO  madmDfki            2
NO  madmDfki            4

NO  NII                 1  National Institute of Informatics
NO  NII                 2
NO  NII                 3
NO  NII                 4
NO  NII                 5

NO  n_sheffield_harbin  1  University of Sheffield
NO  n_sheffield_harbin  2
NO  n_sheffield_harbin  3
NO  n_sheffield_harbin  4

NO  NTT-NII             1  NTT Communication Science Labs, National Institute of Informatics
NO  NTT-NII             2
NO  NTT-NII             3
NO  NTT-NII             4

NO  PicSOM_1            3  Aalto University
NO  PicSOM_2            4
NO  PicSOM_3            2
NO  PicSOM_4            1

NO  PKU-ICST-MIPL       1  Institute of Computer Science and Technology, Peking University

NO  prisma-four90px     2  Department of Computer Science, University of Chile
NO  prisma-one180px     4
NO  prisma-two180px     1
NO  prisma-two90px      3

NO  RMIT-SURF-1         2  RMIT University School of CS&IT
NO  RMIT-SURF-2         1
NO  RMIT-SURF-3         3

NO  TNO-ANNMSK          1  TNO
NO  TNO-ANNMSK          3
NO  TNO-INOMSK          2
NO  TNO-INORDR          4

NO  TU_am_sift          1  University of Tokushima
NO  TU_bm_orb           2
NO  TU_bm_sift          3

NO  UbiBWFFM            3  Institut TELECOM; TELECOM SudParis; Bell Labs, France
NO  UbiBWFFR            4
NO  UbiBWVHF            2
NO  UbiBWVTR            1

NO  UCSB_UCR_VCG_1      1  University of California, Santa Barbara
NO  UCSB_UCR_VCG2       2
NO  UCSB_UCR_VCG3       3

NO  UvA.Baihu           3  University of Amsterdam (MediaMill)
NO  UvA.Qinglong        1
NO  UvA.Xuanwu          4
NO  UvA.Zhuque          2

NO  vireo_bl            4  City University of Hong Kong
NO  vireo_dtc           2
NO  vireo_dtcv          3
NO  vireo_dto           1

   I n t e r a c t i v e   r u n s    

C   sysId               P  Research group

NO  AXES_1              1  Access to Audiovisual Archives
NO  AXES_2              2
NO  AXES_3              3
NO  AXES_4              4

NO  FTRDBJ              4  France Telecom Orange Labs (Beijing)

NO  PKU-ICST-MIPL       2  Institute of Computer Science and Technology, Peking University

       T O P I C S   i n   b r i e f:

Number: Type      Text
9048    Object    Mercedes star   
9049    Object    Brooklyn bridge tower 
9050    Object    Eiffel tower 
9051    Object    Golden Gate Bridge 
9052    Object    London Underground logo 
9053    Object    Coca-cola logo - letters 
9055    Object    Sears/Willis Tower 
9057    Object    Leshan Giant Buddha 
9058    Object    US Capitol exterior 
9059    Object    baldachin in Saint Peter's Basilica 
9061    Object    Pepsi logo - circle 
9062    Object    One World Trade Center building 
9064    Object    Empire State Building 
9067    Object    MacDonald's arches 
9068    Object    PUMA logo animal 
9054    Location  Stonehenge 
9056    Location  Pantheon interior 
9063    Location  Prague Castle 
9065    Location  Hagia Sophia interior 
9066    Location  Hoover Dam exterior 
9060    Person    Stephen Colbert