[tv13.list] TRECVID 2013: Semantic indexing update

Paul Over over at nist.gov
Thu Apr 4 09:22:31 EDT 2013


This is a message for participants in the semantic indexing task,
and in particular the concept-pair subtask ...

The set of concept pairs to be tested this year has been chosen and
added to the Guidelines.  Thanks to Cees Snoek and his team as well
as to Georges Quenot for their input.

In addition, as noted in the Guidelines, we've built on a suggestion
from the 2012 workshop and will accept and evaluate an additional,
optional system output for each shot returned. This value will indicate
which of the component shots occurs first in the shot; a "0" will indicate
both concepts become visible simultaneously.

Note that this does not change the rule that both concepts must appear
together in at least one frame for the shot to be considered as containing
the concept pair. This is the rule the NIST assessors will use in judging
the system output, as they did last year.

Please see the Guidelines for details...


- Paul
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