TRECVID 2013 Runs and Detailed Results

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Condition (C):

  NO -  the run DID NOT use info (including the file name) from the 
        IACC.1 *_meta.xml files

  YES - the run DID use info (including the file name) from the
        IACC.1 *_meta.xml files

Priority (P)

	F u l l y   a u t o m a t i c   r u n s

C   sysId                 P  Research group
NO  ARTEMIS_1             1  Institut Mines-Telecom, Telecom SudParis, ARTEMIS Dept
NO  ARTEMIS_2             2
NO  ARTEMIS_3             3
NO  ARTEMIS_4             4

NO  BUPT_MCPRL            2  Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
NO  BUPT_MCPRL            3

NO  CeaList               1  CEA LIST, Vision & Content Engineering Laboratory
NO  CeaList               2
NO  CeaList               3
NO  CeaList               4

NO  FTRDBJ                1  Orange Labs International Centers China
NO  FTRDBJ                2
NO  FTRDBJ                3

NO  iAD_DCU               1  Dublin City University, University of Tromso
NO  iAD_DCU               2
NO  iAD_DCU               3
NO  iAD_DCU               4

NO  IMP.hash1             1  Osaka Prefecture University
NO  IMP.hash2             2
NO  IMP.hash3             3
NO  IMP.hash4             4

NO  IRIM_2                2
NO  IRIM_3                3
NO  IRIM_4                4

NO  jrs1                  1  JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
NO  jrs2                  2

NO  MIC_TJ                1  Multimedia and Intelligent Computing Lab, Tongji University
NO  MIC_TJ                2

NO  MMBajie               2  MediaMill, University of Amsterdam
NO  MMShaseng             3
NO  MMShifu               4
NO  MMWukong              1

NO  NERCMS                1  Wuhan University
NO  NERCMS                2
NO  NERCMS                3
NO  NERCMS                4

NO  NII-AsymDis_Cai-Zhi   2  National Institute of Informatics
NO  NII-AvgDist_Cai-Zhi   3
NO  NII-GeoRerank_Cai-Zhi 1

NO  NTT_NII               1  NTT, NII
NO  NTT_NII               2
NO  NTT_NII               3
NO  NTT_NII               4

NO  orand-1sift           4  ORAND S.A. Chile
NO  orand-2sift           3
NO  orand-graph           1

NO  PKU-ICST-MIPL         1  Peking U.-ICST
NO  PKU-ICST-MIPL         3
NO  PKU-ICST-MIPL         4

NO  ridl_m_2q             1  Tsinghua University School of Software
NO  ridl_m_2q_r           2
NO  ridl_m_q              3
NO  ridl_m_q_r            4

NO  sheffield             1  Univ of Sheffield, UK Harbin Engineering Univ, PRC Univ of Engineering & Technology
NO  sheffield             2
NO  sheffield             3


NO  TokyoTech1            1  Tokyo Institute of Technology, Canon Inc.
NO  TokyoTech2            2

NO  vireo_dt              2  City University of Hong Kong
NO  vireo_dtc             1
NO  vireo_dtcm            3
NO  vireo_dtm             4

   I n t e r a c t i v e   r u n s    

C   sysId                 P  Research group
NO  AXES_1                1  Access to Media
NO  AXES_2                2
NO  AXES_3                3

NO  FTRDBJ                4  Orange Labs International Centers China

NO  ITI_CERTH             1  Information Technologies Institute, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas
NO  ITI_CERTH             2
NO  ITI_CERTH             3

NO  orand-interactive     2  ORAND S.A. Chile

NO  PKU-ICST-MIPL         2  Peking U.-ICST

       T O P I C S   i n   b r i e f:

Num  Type     Text

9069 OBJECT   a circular 'no smoking' logo
9070 OBJECT   a small red obelisk
9071 OBJECT   an Audi logo
9072 OBJECT   a Metropolitan Police logo
9073 OBJECT   this ceramic cat face
9074 OBJECT   a cigarette
9075 OBJECT   a SKOE can
9076 OBJECT   this monochrome bust of Queen Victoria
9077 OBJECT   this dog
9078 OBJECT   a JENKINS logo
9079 OBJECT   this CD stand in the market
9080 OBJECT   this public phone booth
9081 OBJECT   a black taxi
9082 OBJECT   a BMW logo
9083 OBJECT   a chrome and glass cafetiere
9084 PERSON   this man
9085 OBJECT   this David refrigerator magnet
9086 OBJECT   these scales
9087 OBJECT   a VW logo
9088 PERSON   Tamwar
9089 OBJECT   this pendant
9090 OBJECT   this wooden bench with rounded arms
9091 OBJECT   a Kathy's menu with stripes
9092 PERSON   this man
9093 OBJECT   these turnstiles
9094 OBJECT   a tomato-shaped ketchup dispenser
9095 OBJECT   a green public trash can
9096 PERSON   Aunt Sal
9097 OBJECT   these checkerboard spheres
9098 OBJECT   a P (parking automat) sign