Q10: If I visit Singapore, what, if any, buildings designed by I. M. Pei's firm can I see there?

  1. Place: Dublin, Ireland
    Date: June 11th 1998
    Time: 3:00pm (local time)
    Started search using Fusion
    Query: "I. M. Pei" buildings Singapore
    Clicked on #5 "Pei, I.M."
        Short bio, no information on buildings in Singapore
    Clicked on #11 "pei.html"
        Lists buildings. Ones in Singapore: Gateway Tower, Oversea-Chinese 
        Banking Corporation Centre. Last updated 1995.

  2. Place: Aberdeen, Scotland
    Date:  12. June 1998
    Time: 2:30PM (local time)
    singapore online page.
    could find no information regarding architecture in singapore.

  3. Iowa City, Iowa, USA
    8 hours for 10 queries over 2 afternoons
            o Submit the query: "+Singapore +Pei +design +building"
            o The first hit is a pointer to "The Gateway"
              (http://www.singland.com.sg/gateway.htm) which is a building in
              Singapore that was designed by I. M. Pei.

  4. Tokyo, Japan
    June 12nd, 1998 Local time
    By default, search on Altavista
       6:35 pm
       Query : Pei firm
       clicked on 9:
                     9. I.M. Pei
                     www links on I.M.Pei : Pei Cobb Freed & partners
       Result :
       - The Gateway
       - Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC)
       - Raffles City

  5. Ottawa, Canada
    Assume to find more information from architecture collections than from
    travel-oriented collections - so issue following query to Alta Vista:
    (3:00) +pei +architect architecture singapore
    Hits are a bit disappointing - no apparent hits to
    biographies/portfolios of this architect - solely to individual projects
    (3:06) change query to +pei architect architecture design building
    Found that Pei's firm is called Pei Cobb Freed & Partners
    site http://www.ocbcproperty.com.sg/ocbc.html lists that Pei designed
    the OCBC Centre, OCBC Centre South and OCBC Centre East (one complex
    (3:16) AltaVista query -> Pei Cobb Freed +singapore
    lists an online chonology about this firm at
    http://www.algonet.se/~pwh/peicobbf.htm and this seems to be the golden
    page for this question. Further Pei buildings in Singapore are listed
    here: Raffles City and The Gateway
    (3:20) case closed.

  6. Using a custom front-end tool AltaGCL
    Waterloo, 15 June 18:21
       altagcl "I M Pei" and "singapore" ... lots of Pei buildings in Singapore,
                      but aren't we looking for a *list*
       altagcl "I M Pei" and "singapore" and "buildings" ... this Pei guy is
                     impressive ... world's tallest buildings and lots of
                     references including singapore.  Lots of I.M. Pei fan pages.
       altagcl "Pei Cobb"  ... more about the firm
       altagcl "I M Pei" and "singapore" and "archi*" ... read lots of excerpts ...
                found a CV of IM Pei including a list of buildings:
       I didn't like this question at all.  What sort of answer was it expecting?
       I could easily find a handful of pages about Pei buildings in Singapore,
       but no page listing them.
    Total time:  28 minutes

  7. Waterloo, Canada
    Using a custom front-end tool AltaGCL
    June 16, 01:14am
        All kinds of queries that didn't get anything specific about his
        Singapore works.  I think I was getting tired at this point and
        should given up long before I actually did...
        query: "singapore" and "Pei" and "designer"
        query: "singapore" and "Pei" and "designer" and "touri*"
        query: "singapore" and "Pei" and "architect" and "touri*"
        query: "architectur*" and "singapore"
        Found a link to the school of architecture at singapore university
        Navigated this for a few minutes hoping that they would have a section
        explaining local buildings.  No such luck.
        query: "singapore" and "Pei" and "famous"
        query: "pei" and "singapore" and "to.see"
        query: "pei" and "singapore" and "designed" and "architect*"
        Elapsed time: 45 minutes
        June 16, 7:48am
        query: "pei" and "architect*" and "design*" and "visit"
        query: "pei" and "architect*" and "design*" and "works"
        query: "pei" and "architect*" and "louvre" and "singapore"
        followed visible link to
        www.algonet.se/~pwh/peicobb75.htm#Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation
        and then back to a table of contents of Pei's work:
        which includes the following buildings:
          Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation, Singapore, Republic of Singapore
          Raffles City, Singapore, Republic of Singapore
          The Gateway, Singapore, Republic of Singapore

  8. Using Fusion2 - a metasearch engine with marking of relevant documents and query expansion. 
    Place: Dublin - home internet connection
    Date: 14 June, evening
    Use Fusion2 "building design Pei"
    rank=1 - find Pei has won the archiectural firm award
    rank=2 - magazine article about I M Pei - a biography
    rank=3 - singapore science park research facilities - dead end
    rank=13 - history of archictural development in Singapore - dead end
    I need a search which insists on Pei, Singapore and Architect
    so I use ALtaVista with +pei +singapore + architect
    rank=7 tells me Pei has built a 33 story office tower with 220,000
    sq foot but no name
    rank=13 is a long document, a personal page of famous Pei buildings 
    and I do a F search to find 4 buildings: OCBC, The Gateway,
    Overseas-Chinese Banking Corp and Raffles City.  Bingo.
    Time = 13 minutes

  9. At a university in Glasgow, Scotland
    search " I M Pei buildings" with Altavista (2074600!)
    visited first and fourth sites:
    http://www.artifice.com/cgi-bin/gbc-architect.cgi/I._M._Pei.html from which
    we got the full name and reformulated the query:
    search "Ieogh Ming  Pei bibliography" with Yahoo, 1  category and 3 hits
    first hit: http://www.mit.edu/people/bei/www/page4.html
    link to his works:
    which lists all his buildings.
    Gateway Towers, Singapore;
    Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Centre, Singapore.

  10. Australia
    Using a query re-formulation tool, the Hyperindex Browser (HiB)
           HiB + AltaVista
    	o enter "pei architecture"
    	o no refinements, so beam down using "pei architecture"
    	o choose second one "The Architecture of I.M.Pei Review"$250026
    	o go to link at the top "The Architecture of I M Pei"
    	o go to the bottom and choose "A list of IMPei's works"
    		Gateway Towers, Singapore
    		Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation Centre, Singapore

  11. At a university in Toronto, Canada
      Metacrawler query: architecture singapore
      Clicking on #10: "Singapore Polytechnic Library - Architecture"
        Links to architecture sites.  Nothing useful.
      Metacrawler query: architect singapore pei
      Clicking on #1: "History of Architectural Development in Singapore"
        404 Not Found
      Truncating URL to www.arch.nus.sg/Architects
        403 Forbidden
      Truncating URL to www.arch.nus.sg
        Home page of the School of Architecture, National University of Singapore
        Clicking on "About... The School of Architecture".
          Various links.  Nothing looks good.
        Clicking on "About... Singapore"
          Unable to connect to server.  Returning to query results.
      Clicking on #2: "1975-1979"
        Part of "Pei Cobb Freed & Partners - A Chronology 1949-1999".
        Is this I. M. Pei's firm?  In any case, they were the architects
        for the OCBC building in Singapore.
        Clicking back to "introduction, references and table of contents"
        Pei Cobb Freed & Partners is I. M. Pei's firm, but a chronology is not
        what I need.  Going back to the query results.
      Result #3 is the table of contents page for the chronology.
      Clicking on #4: "Excite Travel: Singapore - Where to Stay"
        Sorry! There is no information for the destination you requested.
      Clicking on #11: "I. M. Pei"
        An interview with Pei.  Searching the page for "Singapore".  The only
        building in Singapore specifically mentioned is the OCBC building.
      Clicking on #9: "1985-1989"
        Raffles City, Singapore, was also designed by Pei Cobb Freed & Partners.
      Clicking on #18: "I.M. Pei"
        A biography.
          His more prominent commissions have included...the Overseas Chinese
          Banking Corporation Centre (OCBC) and Raffles City in Singapore

  12. At another university in Glasgow, Scotland
    Started AltaVista search: +Singapore +Pei
    After 3 pages of mixed rubbish tried revised query:
    		+Singapore +Pei architect designer buildings
    Tried link 7. City.Net Singapore - Where to Stay Singapore
    But it failed to load...
    Aha -- follow link 17. I. M. Pei -- Personalities -- I. M. Pei. Finding
    Roots. When time stops... http://www.hcs.harvard.edu/~hapr/pei.html
    Very helpful page.
    He did the OCBC Building but the article focussed on China. But gives his
    company name - so back to AV
    Query: +"Pei Cobb Freed" +Singapore
    Follow link 1
    Answer: Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporationz Building, The Gateway, and
    Raffles City (which I'm not sure was designed by IM Pei or just his

  13. Elsewhere in Ottawa, Canada, using AltaVista ...
    ANSWER:		Raffles City (complex/hotel)
    Queries:	2 to find Raffles City, 3 more to see if there are
    			more buildings.
    Links:		~4 to find Raffles City, 6 more to find others
    Time:		20 minutes to find (20 more minutes to look for more)
    Query: Singapore Pei architect building*
    	no obvious matches
    	maybe we want a page summarizing Pei's work
    	or maybe we want a Singapore architecture page
    Let's find out about Pei
    Followed:	http://www.trincoll.edu/~tj/tj12.11.97/menu.html
    	-> http://www.trincoll.edu/~tj/tj12.11.97/articles/cover.html
    	Pei buildings:
    		National Gallery
    		kennedy library
    		Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
    Query: Pei Hancock "kennedy library" "Atmospheric Research" NCAR Louvre "national gallery"
    Followed: http://rockhall.com/facts/bios/peiieoh.html
    	Other buildings:
    		Miho Museum
    		Meyerson Symphony Center
    		Bank of China
    		Raffles City (Singapore!)
    		Fragrant Hill
    Followed: http://www.pritzkerprize.com/pritzkerprize/pei.htm
    	East Building of the National Gallery of Art
    	Le Grand Louvre
    	Bank of China
    	John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library
    	National Center for Atmospheric Research
    	Dallas City Hall
    	Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center
    	Society Hill development
    	Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation Centre (OCBC)
    	Raffles City
    	West Wing of the Museum of Fine Arts
    	Fragrant Hill Hotel
    	Creative Artists Agency Headquarters
    	Jacob K. Javits Center
    	IBM Office Complex
    	Everson Museum of Art
    	Texas Commerce Tower
    Query: Pei "Raffles City" Singapore
    	Let's find out about Raffles City and see if any other
    	buildings are mentioned in the same breath.
    Followed:	http://www.hr-net.com.sg/hr/Raffles.htm
    Followed:	http://www.ssyenc.co.kr/english/fields/living/pic02_01.html
    Query: +Pei "Raffles City" Singapore
    	nothing new
    Query: +singapore +architect*
    	Anything we missed?
    Followed:	http://www.gov.sg/istana/main.html
    Followed:	http://www.weatherhill.com/docs/books/sel981-00-0683-7.html
    Followed:	http://www.flynwa.com/wg/places/Singapore/Singapore/ATACHAFS.htm
    Followed:	http://www.architectureasia.com/Singapore/
    Apparently nothing else.

  14. France
    Metacrawler: Pei Singapore
    --> 29 results:
    --> 9th: 
    A list of buidings built by Pei.  The ones in Singapore:
    Gateway Towers, Singapore
    Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Centre, Singapore
    (3 Minutes)

  15. Another searcher in France
    On altavista keywords : Singapore Lei
    Clicked on 
    got an answer : "In Singapore, I stayed at the Stanford hotel in the 
                     Raffles City Designed by the famed I.M. Pei"
    Then clicked on selection 4 of Altavista, http://www.mit.edu/people/bei/www/page4.html
    Clicked on  the list of work and got more answers:
    Gateway Towers, Singapore; 
    Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Centre, Singapore; 

  16. Another Australian searcher...
    [7:50am Aus EST]
    Type in www.altavista.com. Ooops
    That's not www.altavista.digital.com, but wait...there's a link
    to "City Guide" (serendipity?).
    	-=> City Guide -=> Asia -=> Singapore: Nothing useful.
    Type in www.altavista.digital.com.
    Search for "+Pei +Singapore +host:sg building architecture design"
    "2. The Gateway ...The Gateway Designed by the reowned I M Pei"
        -=> ...Yup, "The Gateway" is a match.
    	(brief wander around site.) Dead end.
    "28. History of The Architectural Development in Singapore" 
        -=> "404 Not Found"...
    	fiddle with URL manually
    	-=> ah-ha,home page of NUS School of Architecture.
    	    -=> "Other Web Sites". Pop up two new windows:
    		-=>"Archinet" -=> members/P. nothing
    		-=>"Singapore Institute of Architects"
    		    -=> [wander]. nothing
    	    -=> "About Singapore"
    	    	-=> "Singapore Infomap"
    		    Try search: nothing.
    		    -=> "Singapore Information Resources Online"
    			-=> Search SG Web
    			[query: "+Pei design buildings architecture"
    			Various hits, including:
    			    -=> Yahoo.
    			    Top:Regional:Countries:Singapore category: nothing.
    			    -=> "NUS/School of Building and Real Estate"
    			    	-=> "Staff Directory" Nothing.
    		    -=> "Singapore Online Guide"
    			Click on "Singapore Online Guide" icon. Not a link!
    			-=> "Surfing Around": nothing.
    Try an Excite search (no way to constrain it to a country!)
    Great... several appropriate sites:
        -=> "The Architecture of I. M. Pei"
    	-=> "A List of I. M. Pei's Works"
    	    Bingo. Complete listing of buildings by Pei.
    	    "The Gateway" is listed in Singapore, as is
    	    the "Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Centre," 
    Right. I didn't realize that Pei was a big enough name to warrant
    international attention and web sites devoted to his work!
    [8:30am Aus EST]

  17. Saarbrucken, Germany 
    22 June 1998, 19:20-21:20 p.m.
    AltaVista: "I. M. Pei" building Singapore
    - 6th result tatlin.arc.co.uk/250026.arc (The Architecture of I M Pei
         Review) contains just a quote by I.M. Pei
    - second result
         (Sogo Department Store - Raffles City Complex) shows a bldg in
         sg by I.M. Pei
    - first result
         (Westin Stamford Hotel) shows bldg in sg by I.M. Pei
    - 13th result
         (Artifice Great Buildings - I.M. Pei) lists the works of
         I.M. Pei, but none in SG.  

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