Q4: I want to find the house Max Beerbohm, the English caricaturist, lived in at the end of his life. If I take the last ferry on a weekday from Portofino, at what time does the ferry arrive at the town I'm trying to get to?

  1. Ottawa, Canada
    (10:18) Query AltaVista -> max beerbohm "max beerbohm" caricaturist
    Top-10 seemed to point to caricatures rather than text info, specified
    query to be
    	max beerbohm "max beerbohm" caricaturist caricature biography
    (10:24): http://physics.bu.edu/~leao/AFL/beerbohm.html lists that
    Beerbohm died "May 20 1956 in Rapallo, Italy)". Assume that's where he
    lived at the end of his life.
    Extend AltaVista query with -> rapallo portofino
    Find HotWired's Rough Guide page on the Italian Riviera di Levante
    region, this confirms that Beerbohm lived in Rapallo and that's close to
    (10:31): AltaVista query: -> riviera di levante portofino rapallo
    After first results, restrict search to "English" documents :-(
    seems to list only ferries that go the wrong way
    (10:38) return to AltaVista results for further browsing. No good
    (10:48) turn to Yahoo to browse/search with -> italy tourism genova 
    or -> italy tourism portofino. No good results. Decide to abandon this
    rather frustrating search for now. (10:55)

  2. Place: Dublin, Ireland
    Date: June 11th 1998
    Time: 3:00pm (local time)
    Started search using Fusion
    Query: "Max Beerbohm" caricaturist
    Clicked on #2 "Max Beerbohm"
        Short bio page, does not state where he lived at the end of his life. 
    Clicked on #7 "Brittannica Search: Beerbohm, Sir Max"
        Unable to read documents (subscription needed). Gave up.

  3. Place: Aberdeen, Scotland
    Date:  12. June 1998
    Time: 2:30PM (local time)
    searched through yahoo for Max Beerbohm.
    this turned up too many sites.  
    gave up.

  4. Iowa City, Iowa, USA
    8 hours for 10 queries over 2 afternoons
            o For this query I'm adding the word Italy because I know that
              Portofino a town close to Genova.
            o Submit to Altavista the query: +Italy +Beerbohm +Max Portofino
            o The query retrieves a bunch of pages about art or book
              collections. The second hit has Max Beerbohm as title and seem to
              be his biography.(http://physics.bu.edu/~leao/AFL/beerbohm.html)
            o Click on the second link. It is a biography of Max Beerbohm and it
              says that he died in Rapallo, Italy.
            o I also checked two other links. They also mention that he lived in
              Rapallo (except for the WWI years).
            o Conduct a new search with the query: +Beerbohm +Max +Rapallo house
            o This search returns 10 hits.
            o I did look for the Beerbohm's house  in all these hits, but I
              didn't find that information, except for a page
              that has a strange story and part of the story says:
                   "The girl came from Rapallo,  which I told her was where Max
                   Beerbohm lived for 40 years and asked if he was remembered.
                   Of course he is. "The English milord. His house is still
                   pointed out," she said, "to tourists." I can almost believe
                   this. "
            o To address the second part of the question, I submitted the query:
              +rapallo +portofino +ferry
            o The first entry seems to be relevant.
            o This page has the departure times from Rapallo but there is no
              information of the time the ferry arrives from Portofino.
            o The 10th hit is the time table for ferries Regional connections.
              Click on this reference
              from here you click on the only pointer and get the ferries time
            o From Monday to Friday you have to take the 4:00 p.m. ferry at
              Portofino that arrives to Rapallo at 4:30 p.m.
         Note about this search: When I was reconstructing the search to write
         this steps I found that I had used non capitals. I  check that
         submitting the query "+Rapallo +Portofino +ferry" doesn't retrieve the
         same set of references. In fact, the page that is the most relevant,
         since is the only one that has the answer, is not retrieved when
         capitalized names are used.

  5. Tokyo, Japan
    June 12nd, 1998 Local time
    By default, search on Altavista
       1:30 PM
       Query : "max beerbohm" house information
       -> 1 minute
       clicked on 14 :
                                 14. Max Beerbohm
                                 information : dead May 20 1956 in Rapallo,
       Query : Rapallo Italy ferry time
       -> 1 minute
       clicked on 1 :
                                 1. Ferry Timetables - Rapallo/S.Fruttuoso
       Result : arrive : 04:30 pm

  6. Using a custom front-end tool AltaGCL
    Waterloo, 15 June 17:05
       altagcl "max beerbohm" and "died"  ... too much junk
       altagcl beebohm lived ferry portofino ... got the name rapallo
       altagcl rapallo portofino ferry schedule ... no luck
       altagcl rapallo protofino ferry .. Bingo!
    Total time: 9 minutes

  7. Waterloo, Canada
    Using a custom front-end tool AltaGCL
    June 15, 11:28am
        query: "max beerbohm"
        query: "max beerbohm" and died
        info:  We know that he died in 1956, let's try to use that.
        query: "max beerbohm" and "1956"
        query: "max beerboh" and "1956" and "died"
        This is too general and vague.  Let's use the fact that Portofino
        is in Italy to maybe do better.
        query: "max beerbohm" and "caricat*" and "italy"
        info:  He died in rapallo, italy
        query: "ferry" and "portofino" and "rapallo"
        which gives us two answers, either 12:30am or 4:30pm
        time: 20 minutes

  8. At a university in Glasgow, Scotland
    I needed to know who this guy was and were he died so:
    search Altavista with MaxBeerbohm, found :
     http://physics.bu.edu/~leao/AFL/beerbohm.html  saying that  the place he
    died was  Rapallo, Italy
    from the Encyclopedia Britanica, Micropedia 1988 edition Beerbohm, Sir Max
    search yahoo with "traghetti Portofino" (traghetti is ferries in Italian)
    the last ferry during winter time will get to Rapallo at:  16.30
    during summer time the timetable is the same as for Sundays so the last
    ferry will take you there by: 17.30

  9. Australia
    Using a query re-formulation tool, the Hyperindex Browser (HiB)
    o HiB + AltaVista - all failed
    o "portofino"
    o "portofino ferries" as refinement
    o "beerbohm" -> "max beerbohn"
       eventually I find that there may be a link between Rapallo
       and Beerbohn after much looking around through document 
       summaries and the ferries and hotels and tourist sites for 
    o "rapallo", beam down and change query to "title:rapallo and
       beerbohn", then change it to "rapallo and beerbohn"
       last title is " HotWired: Rough Guide - Italy" which sends
       us to
       where we finally find that, yes, Rapallo *is* the place he
       lived.  The question is ambiguous though: the first part makes
       me think I am after a house name, the second part makes it
       look like only the town name is required...  I looked a bit
       but cannot find a house name or address except that "it is
       still pointed out to tourists":

  10. Place : Nacsis.  Tokyo Japan
    Date : June 18, 1998
    Time : 4:00PM  (Japan Time)
    Started search on Netscape Navigator
            Query : Max Beerbohm
            Clicked on #1 "Max Beerbohm"
            Clicked on #3 "Max Beerbohm"
            I can't find the address of his last house.  Back
        Finish Time : 4:30PM

  11. At a university in Toronto, Canada
      Metacrawler query: Max Beerbohm house
      Nothing looks interesting.
      Metacrawler query: Beerbohm Portofino
      No results.
      Altavista query: "Max Beerbohm"
      Clicking on #2: "Max Beerbohm"
        A brief biography.  No mention of the place he died.
      Clicking on #10: "1890s links: Max Beerbohm"
        Another short biography.  Nothing useful.
      Altavista query: +"Max Beerbohm" +house +died
      Nothing looks good.
      Altavista query: +"Max Beerbohm" +house
      Still nothing.  I need a really good biography.
      Altavista query: "Max Beerbohm" biography
      Clicking on #1: Max Beerbohm: An Overview
        "Biography" link broken.
      Clicking on #21: Tate Gallery WWW: Sir Max Beerbohm
        Lots of examples of his work.  No biography.
      Clicking on #6: Max Beerbohm
        I visited this site earlier.  This time I'll look around more carefully.
        Clicking on "Victorian Web" link
          Clicking on "Search the Victorian Web".  Searched on "Beerbohm".
    	Clicking on #4: "Contents Page for Beerbohm's Rossetti and His Circle"
    	  Clicking on "Note [Beerbohm's Introduction]"
    	    At the end of the note:
    	      M. B.
    	      Rapallo, 1922.
    	    Maybe he lived and died at Rapallo.
      Altavista query: +Rapallo +Beerbohm
      Clicking on #6: "Cartoon Art News, Spring 1998".
        Searching page for "Rapallo".
          While still in his early Thirties, Max retired to Rapallo in Italy,
          where he remained, except for the war years, until his death in 1956.
      Altavista query: +Rapallo +Portofino +ferry
      Clicking on #1: "Italy by the Net: Tigullio - Ferries"
        Irritating.  It lists times for Rapallo departures, but not for
        Portofino departures.  According to this page "for the returning
        time you must ask to the ticket office, or call (0185)-284670."

  12. At another university in Glasgow, Scotland
    Started search on Altavista http://www.altavista.digital.com/ to find out
    where Beerbohm lived. Notice I put italy, since I know that Portofino is in
        Query: Max +Beerbohm house italy
    Visited: http://physics.bu.edu/~leao/AFL/beerbohm.html first document in
    the ranking which says that he died in Rapallo, Italy.
    Back to Altavista http://www.altavista.digital.com/ to find out the ferry
    timetable from Portofino to Rapallo;
        Query: +Portofino +Rapallo +ferry weekdays
    http://www.hyperborea.com/ibn/guide/liguria/tigullio/uk-ferries-tigullio.html, 1
    st document in the list. The information I am looking for is there, but not
    clearly (i.e. I am not sure it can be done). I will look for further info.
    Visited http://www.traveleurope.net/rivier/aindex.htm, 2nd on the list. The
    documents is not good; it only reports info about hotels.
    Visted http://www.nautica.it/pazzurre/tigullio/home.htm , 9th in the list.
    Not good since it only reports info about travelling with your own boat.
    I decide to reformulate the query. I will use the term Liguria, the region
    where both Rapallo and Portofino are located. I go to Altavista and
    formulate query.
        Query: +Liguria +ferry
    Visited: http://www.fromitaly.it/english/REGION/LIGURIA/UTILITI/TRAGHETT/
    1st document in the list.
    Clicked on timetable and, BANG, found required info at:

  13. Elsewhere in Ottawa, Canada, using AltaVista ...
    ANSWER:		Rapallo   9:30pm in the summers
    Queries:	7
    Links:		23
    Time:		8 minutes
    Query: beerbohm caricat* ferry Portofino english "Max Beerbohm"
    	Only his life at oxford.
    Query: house born first +beerbohm caricat* ferry Portofino english "Max Beerbohm"
    Followed: http://physics.bu.edu/~leao/AFL/beerbohm.html
    Followed: http://mirrors.org.sg/victorian/decadence/mb/art.html
    	Died in Rapallo, Italy
    Query: +ferry Portofino
    	Where can I go by Ferry from Portofino?
    			Rapallo, S. Margherita, San Fruttuoso
    	Last ferry:	9:30,    9:45
    Query: +beerbohm Rapallo Margherita Fruttuoso
    Followed: http://www.hotwired.com/rough/europe/italy/regions/riviera.levante.html
    	Lived in Rapallo

  14. France
    [I am confused by the question, it seems that these are two questions
    in one.  Anyway, I am looking for a place and then for a ferry
    connection to this place.]
    Metacrawler: [full question text]
    --> NO results
    Metacrawler: house Max Beerbohm English caricaturist life
    --> 5 results.
    On first view nothing seems promising.
    I need to find out some biograghy info about Max:
    Metacrawler: Max Beerbohm biograghy
    --> 22 results.
    --> 7th http://www.biography.com/biogr...y/find/biography-index-B.html5
    Obviously a bibliography server.  It even lists Max B., but the link
    to detailed info is broken.  May there was just an old part of the
    server indexed.  I try the base: www.biography.com.  A server appears
    which lets me search for Max Beerbohm.  I get a brief summary of his
    biography and learn that he has lived most of his life in Rapallo,
    Italy. So I try..
    Metacrawler: Max Beerbohm Rapallo
    --> 5 results.
    I find another biography (2nd:
    http://physics.bu.edu/~leao/AFL/beerbohm.html ), stating that he died
    in Rapallo.
    I try to approach him through Rapallo:
    I surf through various travel pages of infoseek and yahoo...
    I give up.
    So the answer to the first part is:
    I find his house in RAPALLO, Italy.
    Now the ferry:
    Metacrawler: rapallo portofino ferry
    --> 16 results
    --> 1st: Italy by the Net: Tigullio - Ferries 
    The last ferry arrives at 
    5:00 pm on week days
    9:30 pm from July 5th to August 29th
    (30 minutes)

  15. Another Australian searcher...
    [10:15am Aus EST]
    Try an Altavista power search "Beerbohm,"
    RANKED on "Max Beerbohm English caricaturist house home end ferry Portofino"
    On page 3 of results:
        -=> "30. Max Beerbohm" [from the synopsis, this looks like a bio page]
        -=> "28. Max Beerbohm" 
    	Ah-ha: died in Rapallo, Italy.
    Try an Altavista power search "Rafallo and Portofino", RANKED on "ferry"
    Try an Altavista power search "Rapallo and Portofino", RANKED on "ferry"
        -=> "4. Italy by the Net: Tigullio - Ferries"
    	Damn. Rapallo->Portofino times only.
        -=> 1. "EXPRESS 97 -- Travel Information"
    Try an Excite Power search
        -=> "More like this" for "Liguria - Ferry Timetables - Regional connections"
    	-=> "Liguria - Ferry Timetables - Regional connections"
    	    Got it. 4:30pm on a Saturday, 5:30pm on a Sunday.
    [10:25am Aus EST]

  16. Saarbrucken, Germany 
    22 June 1998, 19:20-21:20 p.m.
    Alta Vista: I want to find the house Max Beerbohm, the English
                caricaturist, lived in at the end of his life. If I take
                the last ferry on a weekday from Portofino, at what time
                does the ferry arrive at the town I'm trying to get to?
         -first result: physics.bu.edu/~leao/AFL/beerbohm.html (Max Beerbohm) 
         does not contain therequired information
    Alta Vista: I want to find the +house +"Max Beerbohm" , the English
                caricaturist, lived in at the end of his life. If I take
                 the last +ferry on a weekday from +Portofino, at what
                 time does the ferry arrive at the town I'm trying to get
                 to? +timetable
          - no results
    Alta Vista: I want to find the +house +"Max Beerbohm" , the English
                caricaturist, lived in at the end of his life. If I take the last
                +ferry on a weekday from +Portofino, at what 
                time does the ferry arrive at the town I'm trying to get to?
          - one result: http://home.venere.it/liguria/genova/splendido/spfocus.html
           (Hotel Splendido) does not contain required information
    Alta Vista: I want to find the house +"Max Beerbohm" , the English
                caricaturist, lived in at the end of his life. If I take 
                the last +ferry on a weekday from +Portofino, at what time
                does the ferry arrive at the town I'm trying to get to?
          - two results, first result is
          (HotWired rough guide Italy)
    Altavista: Portofino Rapallo ferry
          - third result:
          (Italy by the Net: Tigullio - Ferries)
          - follow the link "Rapallo, S.Margherita, Portofino (night trip)"
            contains only ferries in the opposite direction
          - back up and follow the link "Rapallo, S.Margherita, Portofino
            and San Fruttuoso" contains only ferries in the opposite
            direction, but some vague information how the ferries get back
            from Portofino to Rapallo 
          - I conclude that the night ferry which arrives at 8:45 in
            Portofino goes back to Rapallo, and arrives in Rapallo before
            9:30; it's even conceivable that the night ferry which arrives
            in Portofino at 10 pm goes back to Rapallo and arrives there
            before 10:45.  I don't look for further pages to verify this

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