Q7: How long does it take to get by train from Copenhagen to Oslo (on a weekend) in July?

  1. Ottawa, Canada
    (12:46) query Alta Vista -> denmark train
    leads me to somebody's link page:
     but his "great links" ("...
    if you are interested in trains. You can also find an interactive
    timetable that is updated every 3. minutes! Or plan your trip by train in
    Denmark.") has perished. Link collections are interesting navigation
    tools but tend to be unreliable.
    Other links from the AltaVista-results include ScanRail and EuRail
    passes - these sites contain no links to timetables.
    (12:50): the Banestyrelsen homepage http://www.bane.dk/trafinfo/main.htm
    appears to list only domestic trains.
    (12:54) Site Copenhagen Now
    mentions that the car ferry between Oslo and Copenhagen is operated by
    DFDS (and takes 16 hrs, but I treat this information to be too vague and
    it's for a *car* ferry).
    (12:56): issue query to AltaVista -> denmark train copenhagen oslo +dfds
    finds site http://www.sn.no/rl/op/og96/t/transport.html
    Browse around for a while in the AltaVista results and find little
    interesting stuff except the name of the Danish railway company: DSB. 
    Type www.dsb.dk and do find their homepage.
    (13:06) Follow link to Rejseplan, fill in their form for a trip from
    Kobenhavn to Oslo on a weekend day in July.
    Find answers: 9:02 for the trains that leave at 22:05 from Copenhagen,
    and 9:16 for the trains that leave at 12:29. Case closed (13:11).

  2. Place: Dublin, Ireland
    Date: June 11th 1998
    Time: 3:00pm (local time)
    Used Rail Europe site [http://www.raileurope.com/us/]
        Takes 9 hours 20 minutes.

  3. Place: Aberdeen, Scotland
    Date:  12. June 1998
    Time: 2:30PM (local time)
    tried url address www.denmark.com.
    holiday page.  clicked for more information on denmark.
    clicked on Copenhagan.  could find nothing relevant.
    clicked on transportation.  could find nothing relevant.

  4. Iowa City, Iowa, USA
    8 hours for 10 queries over 2 afternoons
         The answer of this query is easy once you have solved the previous
            o go to http://www.eurail.com/ticket.htm and simply type the name of
              both cities.
            o The answer is 10 hours:
                         From copenhagen to Oslo, one-way in either direction.
                   First Class  Second Class     Hours     Via
                     $186.00      $116.00         10
              I also tried the following:
            o Search in Altavista with the following query: +Copenhagen +Oslo
            o The first two pages point to the timetable of
              Hamburg-Copenhagen-Gothenburg-Oslo trains
            o This table also shows that the time is about 9 and a half hours.

  5. Tokyo, Japan
    June 12nd, 1998 Local time
    By default, search on Altavista
       5:00 pm
       (I am french !!)
       go to :
                                                       horaires, prix,
                                                       horaires et prix
       Result :  9h02min (departure 22:05, arrive 07:07)

  6. Using a custom front-end tool AltaGCL
    Waterloo, 15 June 17:31
      altagcl copenhagen olso train hours  -- nope
       "copenhagen" and "oslo" and ("timetable" or "schedule" or "depart*") 
           -- air and stuff, then stalled.
       "copenhagen" and "oslo" and "train" and ("timetable" or "schedule" or "depart*") -- very slow
        copenhagen oslo train ... just tough it out
    ... but it doesn't say July, so I kept looking and found
    did a search for fares & schedules and got *exactly* what I wanted
                      Average travel time 9 hours, 20 minutes
    Total time:  20 minutes

  7. Waterloo, Canada
    Using a custom front-end tool AltaGCL
    June 16, 00:48am
        query: "oslo" and "copenhagen" and "travel time"
        First attempt to find the information here led to European railway
        sites with some language problems ...
        Went back and tried again to find a good source of information
        found: URL : http://www.theo-physik.uni-kiel.de/general/visitors.html
        follow the german railway information: http://www.bahn.de/home_e/f-engl.htm
        follow a link for timetables
        fill in the form to travel july 4, 1998 (saturday)
           get 8:37 hours and 11:43 hours to Kobenhavn H
        time: 15 minutes

  8. Using Fusion2 - a
    metasearch engine with marking of relevant documents and query
    Use Fusion2 with search copenhagen oslo train
    28 URLs retrieved
    rank=1 is a train timetable for hamburg-copenhagen-gothenburg-oslo
    which is a personal page and it gives details
    dep 0729 arr 1652
    dep 1229 arr 2145
    dep 2203 arr 0707
    so we can get the time taken from that.
    All trains are daily and EuroCity ... and have a meals trolly !
    Bingo, in 4 minutes.

  9. At a university in Glasgow, Scotland
    using the same page as in previous search and typing the new query:
    998&submit.x=66&submit.y=9, asking for the timetable formCopehagen to Oslo
    on a weekend in July:
     Schedules effective 5/24/1998 until 9/26/1998. Fares shown are per person,
    one way and valid from  1/1/1998 to 12/31/1998.
                        Routing 1: direct
                        From			 KOEBENHAVN
                        To			OSLO S
                        First class fare		$191.00
                        Second class fare	$121.00
                        Average travel time	9 hours, 20 minutes
                        Distance		666 km / 416 miles
    Answer: 		666 km / 416 miles

  10. Australia
    Using a query re-formulation tool, the Hyperindex Browser (HiB)
    	o HiB using AltaVista - "copenhagen oslo" - nothing
    	o HiB using AltaVista - "copenhagen train" - nothing
    	o HiB using AltaVista - "copenhagen railway" - nothing
    	o AltaVista directly "copenhagen oslo train" - nothing
    	o Excite directly "copenhagen oslo train".  
    	  First item "Timetable for Hamburg - Copenhagen - Gothenborg - Oslo"
    	  Everyday (including weekends) the train number 392 leaves Copenhagen
    	  for Oslo at 2205 and arrives at 0707.  It is the shortest time as it
    	  is express for part of the way.  There is no difference between
    	  weekend times, nor seemingly for July in particular.

  11. At a university in Toronto, Canada
      Question #6 really helps with this.
      Going to www.eurorail.com
        Clicking on "Comprehensive European Train Schedules!".
          Clicking on "European Rail Schedules".
    	Searching on...
    	  From: Kobenhavn  (thanks, again, to the list of city name spellings)
    	    To: Oslo
    	  Date: 11.07.98   (a weekend in July)
    	  Time: 01:00      (the default)
    	Duration of travel is 9:02 to 14:20 depending on the departure time.
    	The scheduled time is generally under 10 hours.

  12. At another university in Glasgow, Scotland
    Date: 09/06/98
    Time: 11 AM (local time)
    Started search on Altavista
    Query: +copenhagen +oslo
    Clicked on #5 "Timetable for Hamburg-Copenhagen-Gothenborg-Oslo"
    Calculated journey time to be roughly 9 hours from "unofficial" info on page
    Decided to look for official timetables to confirm
    Clicked on "timetables overview"
    Clicked on "...official timetables. Click here for an overview."
    Clicked on "Please move to the comprehensive European railway server"
    Clicked on European railway servers DNK
    Clicked to move to new homepage (http://www.dsb.dk/din_rejse)
    Recognised form as similar to one available for rail travel in Scotland
    Entered date of travel as 040798, and starting and finishing stations in
    Clicked on search button
    Checked revised starting and finishing stations (translated English -> Danish)
    Clicked on search button
    Journey time between 9 hrs 2 mins and 9 hrs 40 mins, depending on time of

  13. Elsewhere in Ottawa, Canada, using AltaVista ...
    ANSWER:		9 hours and 20 minutes
    Queries:	0
    Links:		1
    Time:		<< 1 minute
    First step: Knowing what I know from the last query, I may be able
    to use the same fill in form.
    	Copenhagen to Oslo, July 11, 1998 in US dollars
               To				OSLO S
               First class fare		$191.00
               Second class fare		$121.00
               Average travel time		9 hours, 20 minutes
               Distance			666 km / 416 miles
                22:05	07:07	392-TRN
               Sleeper Fares
               Triple 2nd Cl	$33.00 to $53.00
               Sgl/Spl 1st Cl	$75.00 to $142.00
               Dbl 1st/2nd Cl	$48.00 to $67.00

  14. France
    This one should be easy since I know already a good source for
    European train schedules from the previous question:
    I fill in the form:
    The response states:
    9 hours 20 minutes average travel time
    The schedule states:
    9 hours 2 minutes
    (1 minute)

  15. Another Australian searcher...
    [9:30am, Aus. EST]
    Try an Altavista power search "train",
    ranked on "europe point to point timetable oslo copenhagen"
        -=> "1. Timetable for Hamburg - Copenhagen - Gothenborg - Oslo"
    	Ooops. Only valid to May 23, 1998. But there is a link to the
    	-=> NSB
    	    -=> "The Norwegian State Railways on the Web"
    	    Timing out!
    	Anyway, during May, the daily trip left Copenhagen at 12:29,
    	and arrived at Oslo at 2145, including the ferry hop.
        -=> "3. Hamburg Transportation"
    	[Because Hamburg was listed as part of the above service]
    	No good. The links point to the above site.
    Try an Excite search "train timetable Oslo Copenhagen"
    Item 1 is the above site; try "More like this"
    Remember "rail.org" from previous search.
    Huh? only a link to/auto-refresh to http://www.iex.net/!
    Try an Excite search "europe rail timetable train"
        -=> item 1. "Rail Schedules" nothing, at a quick glance
    	[later inspection revealed there *was* a link to schedules]
        -=> item 2. "Rail Schedules"
    	-=> "Online Schedule" [-=> redirected to new page]
    	    -=> "Search Connection"
    		Forms interface: Enter Copenhagen/Oslo, 4.07.98
    		-=> "Search Connection"
    		    On Sat. 4th July, 1998, there appear to be two choices:
    		    a 9 hour, 40 minute trip, or a 9 hour, 16 minute trip.
    [9:45am Aus EST]

  16. Saarbrucken, Germany 
    22 June 1998, 19:20-21:20 p.m.
     I check the German railways timetable: 
      - there's a direct daytime train which takes 9:40 hrs, and a direct 
        night train which takes 9:02 hrs. on Sat 4-July and Sun 5-July.

  17. Somewhere in the state of Maryland, USA 
    On a machine with only 8 megabytes of RAM
    Started	                                        8:21 am
    Connected					8:22
    On net:						8:23
    Infoseek					8:24
    Asked for:  
    Trains from Copenhagen; brought up Railtrack - travel - dead end	8:27
    Under Best Bets - hit Travel in Europe; nothing in first 20		8:28
    Tried new search - Trains from Copenhagen to Oslo
    Hit: The Danish Links							8:31
    Hit - Jubii- Danish search engine (only in Danish)			8:33
    (Went to map to check on location of Oslo)				8:36
    New Search - Scandinavian Train Travel
    Brought up Scanrail passes						8:39
    Tried Railroad Index--URL not found
    New Search - Scandivanian railroad timetables
    Hit Ax Minguin-PX Timetable - Dead end airplanes			8:44
    Hit Copenhagen Now - TELEPHONE No, for railroad station
    Advanced search didn't help						8:47
    Went to Altavista
    Asked for Scandinavian Train Timetables
    Hit Realname - dead end
    Hit Scanrail Pass in Scandinavian - Route not listed			9:00
    Hit Henrik's travel page - Got trains in Estonia			9:05
    Tried-- Train travel from Copenhagen to Oslo
    Got Oslo Train Schedules						9:09
    No. 1 - Alta Vista    Oslo-Copenhagen 9:37 pm  leaves
            7:00 am arrives (you didn't specify whether or not it was a public 
            holiday- schedules different)		
            10:15 am leaves
             8:18 pm arrives  (approximately 10 hours)
    Checked further in first 30 in Altavista
    Tried Train travel '98 -- Sound of train whistles!!!!! Dead end		9:15
    No. 59 in Altavista 
        Timetable for Oslo-Copenhagen
        -- too complicated to read--no explanation code                     9:20
    Only have two hours a day on the Net--So quit after one.   But fun, anyway

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