Q8: I'm looking for the names of campgrounds around Lake Louise (Canada) that have showers.

  1. Place: Dublin, Ireland
    Date: June 11th 1998
    Time: 3:00pm (local time)
    Started search using Fusion
    Query: Campgrounds Lake Louise Canada
    Clicked on #6 "Lake Louise Parks Information"
        Lists one campground, doesn't state whether it has showers

  2. Place: Aberdeen, Scotland
    Date:  12. June 1998
    Time: 2:30PM (local time)
    Found Lake Louise on search yahoo.
    Found a url address.  clicked on this.
    site for lodgings.
    site for camping.
    no information for regarding showers in campsites.

  3. Iowa City, Iowa, USA
    8 hours for 10 queries over 2 afternoons
            o Submit Altavista the query: +campgrounds +Lake +Louise +Canada
            o Altavista returned 41 hits. The second hit points to Banaff
              National Park Campgrounds
            o Check that link. It contains a list of all the campgrounds around
              this area.
            o There is no campground with shower in Lake Louise, but there are
              other camping sites in the Banaff National Park that have showers

  4. Tokyo, Japan
    June 12nd, 1998 Local time
    By default, search on Altavista
       5:20 pm
       Query : lake louise canada campgrounds
       clicked on 1 :
                              1. See Alberta Campground Listing - Rockies
                              -> no result
       clicked on 2 :
                              2. Parks Canada - Banff National Park - Banff,
    Alberta, Canada
                              -> no result
       clicked on 3 :
                              3. Where to Stay - High River, Alberta, Canada
                              -> no result
        by yahoo canada :
        -> no result (broken pipe)

  5. Ottawa, Canada
    (4:20): query AltaVista -> lake louise travel information
    seems to give plenty of interesting hits. Follow link to 
    Find a map of Lake Louise there, with campgrounds, but no details about
    them. Back to Alta Vista results
    (4:24): http://www.canadianrockies.net/index5.htm, follow link to Lake
    Louise 'chapter', from there to 'accomodations' but this page
    concentrates on hotels and B&B's. Further exploration of site does not
    indicate success. Back to Alta Vista results.
    (4:27): go to
    and find links there, go to
    http://www.vacations.com/Vacations/Pacific-nw/Banff/Editorial/ (first
    glance says it's the wrong kind of information, but I'm not sure how to
    word why that is).
    (4:33): go to discoveryweb http://www.discoveryweb.com/banff/ - click on
    http://www.discoveryweb.com/banff/ll_dir.html - no shower-info.
    Assume that Canadian National Parcs operates (or at least supervises)
    campgrounds in the area, so follow link from discoveryweb to
    http://www.worldweb.com/ParksCanada-Banff/ and then to 
    http://www.worldweb.com/ParksCanada-Banff/campgrou.html (4:37).
    Find that in Banff region the following campgrounds have showers: Tunnel
    Mountain, Two Jack Lakeside and Johnston Canyon. These are all away from
    Lake Louise, and the campgrounds near Lake Louise that are listed have
    no showers.
    (4:43): back to AltaVista, issue new/altered query ->
    +"lake louise" travel information +campground +shower
    The link to http://www.lakelouise.com/ll-lodging.shtml gives no
    shower-info for the Lake Louise Campground.
    The AltaVista link to http://www.trailmonkey.com/alberth1.htm reveals a
    familiar table - at least it says the Lake Louise Campground has NO
    (4:50): stop searching for now (have to go home).

  6. Using a custom front-end tool AltaGCL
    Waterloo, 15 June 17:53
      altagcl "camp*" and "lake louise" and "shower" ... found Banff National
                          Park campsites
       Now *I* thought that was good enough but I decided to search for a page
       specific to Lake Louise.
       altagcl "campgrouns" and "lake louise"  ... found
       but I don't think this is any better.  Found a number of pages that listed
       one or two lake louise campgrounds  but I still think the first was best.
    Total time:  3 minutes for first answer, 10 or 15 more minutes wasted looking
         for more.

  7. Waterloo, Canada
    Using a custom front-end tool AltaGCL
    June 16, 01:02am
        query: "lake.louise" and "camp*"
        answer: http://www.canadianrockies.net/bnpcampg.html
        The time was mostly spent following links looking for more specific
        information about Lake Louise but I finally decided that the first
        link was the best.
        time: 5 minutes

    Using Fusion2 - a metasearch
    engine with marking of relevant documents and query expansion.
    Place: Dublin - home internet connection
    Date: 15 June
    Use Fusion2 meta-search engine query 
    "lake louise" campground tent
    31 URLs retrieved, load rank position=1 "Banff National Park Campground"
    a large document, find "louise" takes me to the Lake Louise Campground,
    but it has no showers.  Almost bingo !
    Click on "Banff National Park - Accommodations & Lodgings" (ranked 5)
    www.canadianrockies.net and I get the same info about LL campground, no showers.
    I then try URL ranked 15 which is a hotwired.com rough guide to Canada pagebut nothing 
    Then I load Mike Potters description of a trail (walk) mentioning Merlin Meadows
    campsite, but does it have showers ?  I mark this as relevant, along with an
    earlier URL about camping in canada, do "expand search" and add merlin meadows backcountry
    to the search, then re-do the search.
    This retrieves 19 URLs and I view rank=1, "where to stay in alberta" from
    www.discoveralberta.com.  I jump to "campgrounds" then to "Banff" which is a listing
    of campsites, and some have showers, but my local geography does not tell me how
    close these are to the lake.
     then try 2 other URLs on this list, no luck
    Then I jump to AltaVista and search +"lake louise" +shower +campground and I get
    to www.lakelouise.com ... I follow link to the same LL campground (this time it does
    not tell me there are no showers but I know there are not) and from there some 
    more links to LL hostels but no more campsites so I go back to AV search output
    and follow another link which gives me the same set of info ... the web seems
    to be composed of people cutting-and-pasting other people's stuff !
    I searched about 5 more of the AV search output based on titles, up to rank=30
    and at this stage I've been searching for 30 minutes so I gave up.

  9. At a university in Glasgow, Scotland
    No idea where Lake Louise was.....sorry!
    search lake louise canada campground with yahoo
    where under place to stay there is a link to  Lake Louise Campground:
    with a very short description of the campground, not sure there are showers
    let's look of rmore options.
    search lake louise
    http://www.igpublications.com/   link to accomodations:
    Going a bit outside looking for more choice nearby:
    in http://www.discovertherockies.com/ there was a list of nearby (?) places
    links to:
    Campgrounds in Banff:
    Campground in Jasper:
    Campgrounds in Canmore:
    Back Country lodges in case you liked somethign a bit more confortable but
    still quite in touch with nature....
    British Columbia's Rockies:
    non campgrounds with shower
    Campgrounds in Banff with showers:
        Johnston Canyon .
        * Tap Water * Public Phone * Flush Toilets *
        Location: 26 km W. of Banff townsite on Hwy. 1A
        Open: Year-Round
        Phone: 403-762-1581  Fax: 403-762-3380
        Services: N $16.00
        Credit Cards: VISA MC
        Tunnel Mountain Village I .
        * Tap Water * Public Phone * Flush Toilets *
        Location: 4 km N.E. of Banff townsite on Tunnel Mountain Rd.
        Open: Year-Round
        Phone: 403-762-1571  Fax: 403-762-3380
        Services: N $16.00
        Credit Cards: VISA MC
        Tunnel Mountain Village II .
        * Tap Water * Public Phone * Flush Toilets *
        Location: 2.5 km N.E. of Banff townsite on Tunnel Mountain Rd.
        Open: Year-Round
        Phone: 403-762-1570  Fax: 403-762-3380
        Services: P $ 19.00
        Credit Cards: VISA MC
        Two Jack Lakeside .
        * Tap Water * Public Phone * Flush Toilets *
        Location: 12 km N.E. of Banff townsite on Lake Minnewanka Road
        Open: Year-Round
        Phone: 403-762-1580  Fax: 403-762-3380
        Services: N $16.00
        Credit Cards: VISA MC
    Campground in Jasper with shower:
        Folding Mountain Campground .
        * Tap Water * Public Phone * Flush Toilets *
        Location: 5 km east of Jasper Park East Gate on Hwy. 16
        Open: Year-Round
        Phone: 403-866-3737  Fax: 403-866-2164
        Services: N $14.00 PW $ 20.00 P $ 17.00
        Credit Cards: VISA MC
        Wapiti Campground .
        * Tap Water * Public Phone * Flush Toilets *
        Location: 5 km S. of Jasper townsite on Hwy. 93 - no reservations
        Open: Year-Round
        Phone: 403-852-6176
        Services: N $15.00 P $ 18.00
        Whistlers Campground .
        * Tap Water * Public Phone * Flush Toilets *
        Location: 3 km S. of Jasper townsite on Hwy. 93 - no reservations
        Open: Year-Round
        Phone: 403-852-6176
        Services: N $15.00 PWS $ 22.00 P $ 18.00
    Campgrounds in Canmore with shower:
         Green Acres Motel & R.V. Park .
        * Tap Water * Public Phone * Laundry Facilities * Flush Toilets *
        Location: in Dead Man's Flats, 14.4 km east of Banff Park Gates
        Open: Year-Round
        Phone: 403-678-5344  Fax: 403-678-6691  TollLine: 1-800-820-5344
        Services: PW $ 18.00
        Credit Cards: AMEX VISA MC
        Restwell Trailer Park & Cabins .
        * Tap Water * Public Phone * Laundry Facilities * Flush Toilets *
        Location: in Canmore
        Open: Year-Round
        Phone: 403-678-5111
        Services: N $19.00 PWS $ 24.00 PW $ 22.00 P $ 20.00
        Credit Cards: VISA MC
        Rundle Mountain Campground .
        * Tap Water * Laundry Facilities * Flush Toilets *
        Location: in Canmore
        Open: Year-Round
        Phone: 403-678-1893
        Services: PWS $ 23.00 PW $ 19.00 T $ 18.00
     Back Country lodges (Lake Louise)
        Cathedral Mountain Lodge & Chalets .
        Cozy log cabins within a spectacular setting in the heart of the
        Canadian Rocky Mountain National Parks. Located just 15 minutes west of
        Louise, Banff National Park. Telephone - (250) 343-6442 or (403) 762-0514
        Tel: (250) 343-6442 Fax: (250) 343-6442
        Address: P.O. Box 40, Field, British Columbia V0A 1G0
        Email: Click here to send an Email (152)
        Emerald Lake Lodge .
        An authentic mountain retreat on the shores of renowned
        Emerald Lake, only 15 minutes west of Lake Louise. For those in search of
        luxurious peace and solitude, there is no other choice. Leave the world
        Tel: (403) 609-6199 Fax: (403) 609-6158 Toll Free: 1-800-663-6336
        Address: P.O. Box 10, Field, British Columbia, V0A 1G0
        Email: Click here to send an Email (76)

  10. Novice WWW searcher!
    Place: San Diego, CA
    Date: June 16, 1998
    Search begun, 9:32 am (local time), on Infoseek
    Query:	campgrounds Lake Louise
    Clicked on "Banff campgrounds"
    	Listing supplied names of four campgrounds within various 	distance of
    Lake Louise, none with showers.
    Clicked on "Blackhawk Waterways"
    Clicked on "the great outdoors"
    	No relevant information apparent, backed up
    Clicked on "parks"
    	message "failed to connect"
    Gave up internet search at approx. 9:45 am, after finding no nearby
    campgrounds with showers and at least 2-3 without them.

  11. Australia
    Using a query re-formulation tool, the Hyperindex Browser (HiB)
            Hib + AltaVista
    	o entered "Lake Louise"
    	o showed "campgrounds" in refinements, but beam down failed since it
    	  wasn't in the title; modified AltaVista search to 
              "Lake Louise campground showers"
    	o goto first link shown "Banff National Park Campgrounds"
    	o look at the bottom of the page at the table: no campgrounds in Lake
    	  Louise itself, but there are showers at:
    		Tunnel Mountain Trailer Court
    		Tunnel Mountain Village 1
    		Tunnel Mountain Village II
    		Two Jack Lakeside
    		Johnston Canyon

  12. At a university in Toronto, Canada
      Metacrawler query: campground Lake Louise
      Clicking on #4: "Lake Louise -- Campground"
        The Lake Louise Campground If you're coming to Lake Louise, then this
        is the place to stay.  Firewood is aplenty and hot dogs are readily ava
        http://www.lakelouise.com/lodging/pcamp.htm (Lycos) 
          Missing page at the site.  The error message contains a menu.
          Selecting "Lodging - Places to Stay".
          Clicking on "Lake Louise Campground".
    	No mention of showers.  Phone number is (403) 522-3833.
          Clicking on "Hostel and Alpine Centre"
    	Has showers, but isn't a campground.
          Nothing else on the list is likely to be a campground.  They all
          appear to be inns or hotels.  Back to Metacrawler list.
      Clicking on #1: "Banff National Park Campgrounds"
        List of campgrounds in Banff National Park with brief descriptions.
        Lake Louise is apparently in Banff.  According to the description, it
        has no showers.
        Campgrounds in Banff listed as having showers:
          Two Jack Lakeside Campground
          Johnston's Canyon Campground
        It's about 33km from Johnston's Canyon to Lake Louise.  Not too far
        for a shower.

  13. At another university in Glasgow, Scotland
    Query to Altavista: Lake Louise
    I chose document 2 from the retrieved document list, and found that Lake
    Louise is in Alberta, Canada, near the area of Banff.
    Query: Alberta + campground
    Chose document 1, then navigated to the server's homepage. Choosing the
    Banff area, I could query the server to give me campgrounds in the area
    that have showers. The full list with the campgrounds at the Banff area is
    Of these campgrounds, only 5 have showers:
    *	Tunnel Mountain Trailer Court
    *	Tunnel Mountain Village I & II
    *	Two Jack Lakeside
    *	Johnstone Canyon
    I cannot say which of these campgrounds are around Lake Louise, but they
    are the only campgrounds in that area that have showers.

  14. Elsewhere in Ottawa, Canada, using AltaVista ...
    ANSWER:		9 hours and 20 minutes
    Queries:	1
    Links:		4 for the answer
    		5 additional for finding the map
    Time:		5 Minutes for the answer
    		15 additional minutes to establish (roughly) the distance
    			from the campgrounds to Lake Louise.
    I'm looking for the names of campgrounds around Lake Louise (Canada) that have showers. 
    Query: campgrounds "Lake Louise" Canada shower
    Followed:  http://seealberta.com/camp/lcamprockies.htm
    	-> http://seealberta.com/camp/dcamprockies.htm#Louise
    	List of campgrounds with number of sites.  
    	All in the Rockies in Alberta. 
    	no mention of amenities.  
    	Those labelled Lake Louise are all in Banff.
    Followed:  http://www.canadianrockies.net/banff/bnppark.html
    	-> http://www.canadianrockies.net/banff/bnpcampg.html
                Tunnel Mountain Trailer Court  Shower                             
                Tunnel Mountain Village I	Shower
                Tunnel Mountain Village II 	Shower
                Two Jack Lakeside		Shower
                Johnston Canyon		Shower
    	These are all the campgrounds with showers in Banff.  
    	No verification of distance to Lake Louise however.
    Followed:  http://www.worldweb.com/parkscanada-banff/
    	-> http://www.worldweb.com/parkscanada-banff/campgrou.html
    	Same information as above.
    Looking for a map of Banff: 
    return to http://www.worldweb.com/parkscanada-banff/
    	-> http://www.worldweb.com/parkscanada-banff/locdir_e.html
    	-> http://www.worldweb.com/ParksCanada-Banff/Maps/vgmap2.gif
    	Campgrounds labeled 7, 8, 9, and 10 are nearest to Lake Louise
    	Campgrounds labeled 6 and 11 are close but a bit further away
    Looking for Campground labels:
    	comparing the descriptions of the campgrounds
    	  11, 12, and 13 are the ones that are "north of LL" and 
              have no showers.
    	  Campground 6 is on Johnston's creek and seems to be the 
    	  one with showers on Johnston's canyon.

  15. France
    Metacrawler: Lake Louise campground
    --> 31 results
    --> 1st: Lake Louise -- Campground 
    This server seems to be broken.
    --> 3rd: Banff National Park Campgrounds
    This page lists campgrounds in Banff National Park (Canada).  The
    "Lake Louise Campground" (tents & trailor) does not have a shower.
    Still there might be others close to Lake Loise.  I need to find a
    map. I follow a link on this page to the canadian rockies server:
    There is a link "Map".
    etc.. eventually I find a map of Lake Louise:
    The map confirms that there are only two campgrounds (tents &
    trailors) near Lake Louise.  
    So, the answer is: There are NO campgrounds with showers near lake
    (15 minutes)

  16. Saarbrucken, Germany 
    22 June 1998, 19:20-21:20 p.m.
    AltaVista: 8 I'm looking for the names of campgrounds around Lake
    Louise (Canada) that have showers.
    - first result www.gov.ab.ca/~env/nrs/parks/pl.html (Alberta
    Provincial Parks) does not contain required information
    - third result www.desertusa.com/arches/du_arc_camp.html (Arches NP
    Camping & Lodging) does not contain required info
    AltaVista: +campground +"Lake Louise" shower
    - first result www.lakelouise.com/lodging/pcamp.htm (Lake Louise --
    - I find a page with the notice "we've messed up" and a