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Last updated:Monday, 31-Jul-2000 13:47:01 MDT
Date created: Monday, 31-Jul-00
General Architecture for Text Engineering
University of Sheffield's GATE

GATE is a software environment that supports researchers in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computational Linguistics (CL) developers who are producing and delivering Language Engineering (LE) systems. GATE is not specific to any theoretical approach nor to any application area within LE, NLP or CL. However, with the aim of promoting collaborative research on Information Extraction (IE), the initial distribution of the system includes a set of modules for performing the MUC-6 IE tasks.
The GATE system is available in a binary version here for the following OSs:

In order to use the GATE system you must register with the University of Sheffield!

The documentation for the GATE system is here:
GATE Documentation