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The TIPSTER Architecture Capabilities Platform was developed by Logicon under the sponsorship of the TIPSTER Architecture Executive Committee. Since no funding was receceived to continue work into FY 1999, NIST was asked to retain the ACP information on their web site to preserve this resource.

Last updated:Tuesday, 16-Jan-2001 07:05:14 MST
Date created: Monday, 31-Jul-00
Overview of the ACP

The goals for the TIPSTER Architecture Capabilities Platform (ACP) included promoting reuse of existing TIPSTER software, supporting plug and play capabilities, aiding distribution of TIPSTER systems and enhancing interaction between TIPSTER and other IR systems.

The Z39.50 / TIPSTER Interoperability prototype allows seamless exchange of queries and results between TIPSTER systems and Z39.50 systems. Such a system has access to many existing Z39.50 databases. This interoperability is accomplished by modifying the TIPSTER DetectionNeed object to permit Search Engine specific information to be returned to the client, and by establishing a Z39.50 profile for TIPSTER systems.

The ACP was conceived and developed as a service to the researchers and developers of the TIPSTER text community.  Some software components are copyrighted, and their use may be restricted.  The code that can be downloaded from this site is unsupported at this time.