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Last updated:Monday, 31-Jul-2000 13:47:01 MDT
Date created: Monday, 31-Jul-00
Query Tool
To simplify the creation and editing of DN2's, a graphical interface has been created. It is based upon Tcl/Tk 8.0 with a tree viewing extension, TkTree 4.2, and builds upon the SP SGML parser/validator software. All of these are present here for download. Prior to using the Query Tool, the TkTree 4.2 library and the SP-1.3 libraries must have been built. The Tcl/Tk shell with the DN2 extensions can then be compiled and linked. Once the dn2tcl shell has been created, the Query Tool Tcl/Tk interface can be started.
  • dn2tcl

  • Extension to Tcl/Tk which allows querying of Z39.50 databases.
  • dn2tcl NO SMART

  • Tcl/Tk extension which parses DN2 but does not query databases.
  • query tool

  • Tcl/Tk interface for producing queries using dn2tcl.
  • SP-1.3

  • SGML parser required for dn2tcl.
  • TkTree-4.2

  • tree display extension required for query tool.
SMART code is needed to compile dn2tcl.
To obtain it, please contact Chris Buckley, chrisb@sabir.com, telephone (301)947-3740