TIPSTER Text Summarization Evaluation Conference
Last updated:Wednesday, 21-May-2003 10:33:31 EDT
Date created: Monday, 31-Jul-00
Computation and Language (cmp-lg) corpus

As part of the TIPSTER SUMMAC effort, a corpus of 183 documents from the Computation and Language (cmp-lg) collection has been marked up in xml and made available as a general resource to the information retrieval, extraction, and summarization communities. The documents are scientific papers which appeared in Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) sponsored conferences. The markup is based on automatic conversion from latex to xml, and as a result is fairly minimal. (However, something is often better than nothing!) The markup includes tags covering core information such as title, author, date, etc., as well as basic structure such as abstract, body, sections, lists, etc. Figures, tables, equations, cross-references and references were all replaced with placeholder tags.


The corpus was prepared by The MITRE Corporation and the University of Edinburgh.

For more information, contact Simone Teufel

The following link is to the dtd used: mini.dtd.txt