Please read this ENTIRE page before attempting to carry out ANY of the tasks described here.

This tape contains only the Z3950/Prise 2.0 software. This tape does not contain any of the other software discussed in Installing and Making Z39.50/PRISE 2.0.

Extracting the software from the Z3950/Prise 2.0 tar tape.

Use tar (we suggest, as a non-superuser) to extract the Z3950/Prise 2.0 distribution from tape - creating and filling the delivery tree in whatever is the current directory when tar is run. Please refer to Installing and Making Z39.50/PRISE 2.0. You should ignore the instructions concerning gunzip and have completed the untaring of the distribution.

Distribution size

This distribution, when compiled, will require 64.5 MB of disk space.

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