Interface DePersonNameIntrf

public abstract interface DePersonNameIntrf
extends DataElem

Instances of this class represent the functionality of a person name beyond that shared by all data elements

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Method Summary
 java.lang.String getFirstName()
          Return the first name
 java.lang.String getSurname()
          Retrieves the surname as a string.
 void setValue(java.lang.String first, java.lang.String sur)
          Sets the two main variables of the DePersonName.
Methods inherited from interface
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Method Detail


public java.lang.String getFirstName()
Return the first name
the first name


public java.lang.String getSurname()
Retrieves the surname as a string.
the surname as a string


public void setValue(java.lang.String first,
                     java.lang.String sur)
Sets the two main variables of the DePersonName.