Uses of Class

Packages that use ProxyDeHtml
gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.hci classes supporting the IRF-based HCI application: text IR against a collection of TROFF-formatted abstracts of HCI articles. 
gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.trec.cran classes modeling IRF-based IR applications against the Cranfield document collection in TREC-format 
gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.trec.fbis classes modeling IRF-based IR applications against the Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) document collection in TREC-format 

Uses of ProxyDeHtml in gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.hci

Fields in gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.hci declared as ProxyDeHtml
 ProxyDeHtml HciDoc.docAbstract

Constructors in gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.hci with parameters of type ProxyDeHtml
HciDoc.HciDoc(ProxyDeString ttl, ProxyDePersonName name, ProxyDeHtml abstr)

Uses of ProxyDeHtml in gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.trec.cran

Fields in gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.trec.cran declared as ProxyDeHtml
 ProxyDeHtml CranfieldDocument.text
          Document text

Constructors in gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.trec.cran with parameters of type ProxyDeHtml
ProxyCranfieldDocument.ProxyCranfieldDocument(ProxyDeString docNr, ProxyDeString titl, ProxyDeString auth, ProxyDeString bib, ProxyDeHtml txt)

Uses of ProxyDeHtml in gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.trec.fbis

Fields in gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.trec.fbis declared as ProxyDeHtml
 ProxyDeHtml FbisDocument.text

Constructors in gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.trec.fbis with parameters of type ProxyDeHtml
ProxyFbisDocument.ProxyFbisDocument(ProxyDeString docNr, ProxyDeString titl, ProxyDeString abstr, ProxyDeHtml txt)
FbisDocument.FbisDocument(ProxyDeString docNr, ProxyDeString titl, ProxyDeString abstr, ProxyDeHtml txt)