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Packages that use Document
gov.nist.nlpir.irf.document classes and interfaces that model documents and collections of documents 
gov.nist.nlpir.irf.modality classes that model the various choices controling indexing and retrieval 
gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps classes providing functionality of use in multiple IRF-based applications - a sample application. 
gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.hci classes supporting the IRF-based HCI application: text IR against a collection of TROFF-formatted abstracts of HCI articles. 
gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.trec classes modeling concepts common to IRF-based IR applications againt TREC-like document collections 
gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.trec.cran classes modeling IRF-based IR applications against the Cranfield document collection in TREC-format 
gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.trec.fbis classes modeling IRF-based IR applications against the Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) document collection in TREC-format 

Uses of Document in gov.nist.nlpir.irf.document

Methods in gov.nist.nlpir.irf.document that return Document
abstract  Document Document.getQueryDocument()
          Build an IR document suitable for use as a query

Uses of Document in gov.nist.nlpir.irf.modality

Methods in gov.nist.nlpir.irf.modality with parameters of type Document
 DataElem IndexingModalityUnit.getFeatureValue(Document theDoc)
          Returns the data elements from 'fvals' corresponding to the featureName of this IMU.

Uses of Document in gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps

Methods in gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps that return Document
(package private) static Document SampleApp.prepareDocPresent(ResultForDocMatchingQuery rle)
          Takes as argument a ResultForDocMatchingQuery to be presented on the screen.

Uses of Document in gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.hci

Subclasses of Document in gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.hci
 class HciDoc
          An extension of Document for Bibliographic Documents.

Methods in gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.hci that return Document
 Document HciDoc.getQueryDocument()

Uses of Document in gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.trec

Subclasses of Document in gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.trec
 class TrecDocument
          An extension of Document that should be common to all TREC documents.

Uses of Document in gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.trec.cran

Subclasses of Document in gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.trec.cran
 class CranfieldDocument
          An extension of TrecDocument that models a document from the Cranfield collection (in TREC format)

Methods in gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.trec.cran that return Document
 Document CranfieldDocument.getQueryDocument()

Uses of Document in gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.trec.fbis

Subclasses of Document in gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.trec.fbis
 class FbisDocument
          A specialization of the TREC document to model a document from the TREC Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) collection.

Methods in gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.trec.fbis that return Document
 Document FbisDocument.getQueryDocument()