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Packages that use FbisDocumentBrafBroker
gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.trec.fbis classes modeling IRF-based IR applications against the Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) document collection in TREC-format 

Uses of FbisDocumentBrafBroker in gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.trec.fbis

Fields in gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.trec.fbis declared as FbisDocumentBrafBroker
private static FbisDocumentBrafBroker
          The static reference to singleton broker for this class of objects

Methods in gov.nist.nlpir.irfapps.trec.fbis that return FbisDocumentBrafBroker
static FbisDocumentBrafBroker FbisDocumentBrafBroker.instance()
          Return the instance of the singleton class: FBIS doc file persistence broker, creating one first if one has not already been created.