[tv13.list] Welcome to TRECVID 2013

Paul Over over at nist.gov
Fri Mar 1 10:50:38 EST 2013

W e l c o m e

Welcome to TRECVID 2013 and the TRECVID 2013 email discussion list
(tv13.list at nist.gov). This is the first email to this list. This message
is bit long but it's important that you read it all carefully. You can
refer to it or any other posting later in the archive (see below).

G u i d e l i n e s   a n d   t v 1 3. l i s t    e m a i l    l i s t

The guidelines on the website define the evaluation framework. Now is
the time for discussion and questions about the guidelines - before
they become final on 1. April. So please take a close look at them now.


and post any questions or suggestions for change to the tv13.list
email discussion list. There is a list of known open issues here:


The tv13.list email discussion list is *THE* means of communication to
and among participants. NIST and the coordinators use it to disseminate
information and participants can post questions and answers of general
interest. Information about the workshop in November is posted here.
It is for active participants only, not just interested parties.

If you have team members who need to be up-to-date about TRECVID, then
please make sure *now* that they are getting these emails and let
Lori.Buckland at nist.gov know if they need to be subscribed.

You can send email to the list only from the address under which you
are registered and it will be forwarded to EVERYONE on the list.

DIFFERENT this year - if you get an email from someone via the tv13.list
and you just click on "REPLY", your reply will go only to the person who
posted the original message, NOT to the entire list. So if you wish to
send your reply to everyone on the list, you must put "tv13.list at nist.gov"
in the "TO" field.

Postings to this list may contain information restricted to active
participants so the contents of the postings should not be publicly
accessible - in case you keep copies around.  Never post passwords to
the tv13.list email list. There is an official copy of all postings in
the active participant's area of the TRECVID website.

R e m i n d e r s   f r o m   t h e   c a l l

          Organizations may choose to participate in one or more of the tasks.
          TRECVID participants must submit results for at least one task in
          order to attend the workshop.  We hope this year all groups can
          complete at least one run.

          Whether you can attend the workshop or not, all participants must
          submit a short paper on schedule, describing their TRECVID 2013

          Taking the data but not submitting any runs and/or no notebook paper
          threatens the continued operation of the workshop and the availability
          of data for the entire community.

          Dissemination of TRECVID work and results other than in the (publicly
          available) conference proceedings is welcomed, but the conditions
          of participation specifically preclude any advertising claims based
          on TRECVID results.

          All results submitted to NIST are published on the public portions
          of TRECVID web site archive. The workshop in November is open only
          to participating groups that submit results for at least one task,
          to selected government personnel from sponsoring agencies, and to
          data providers.

A c t i v e   p a r t i c i p a n t s'   a r e a

You belong to one of about 70 teams that will be participating this year.
The groups and the tasks you have chosen will be listed in the active
participants' area (in a file called tv13.who.what).  This is a password-
protected area on the website to which only active participants
should have access.  The active participant's userid and password were sent
by NIST to the person who applied for participation on behalf of your team.
The area is linked off the guidelines page:


Please check to see that your information in tv13.who.what is there and
correct. These team names will be used in results slides, etc.

D a t a   d i s t r i b u t i o n

Data for development and then for test will be made available starting no
later than mid-March from several download servers. Determine from the guide-
lines which datasets you need and follow the instructions there on submission
of permission forms:


The active participant's area will contain information about the NIST server
and a mirror now being created in Japan.

T o   D o   L i s t

- Check the tv13.who.what list of groups and tasks in the active
         participants' area and email me (over at nist.gov), not this list,
         if you see an error.

- Download the appropriate permission forms for the data/tasks you
         will be working with, sign the organization forms, and email
         a pdf version back to NIST following the instructions.

- Remember to include your "short team name" from the application
         at the start of the SUBJECT in ALL email correspondence with NIST.
         We cannot in general, easily map you to your team and so don't know
         if you are an active participant or not - if you don't include your
         short team name.

- Study the draft guidelines including the schedule section:
         and respond with questions, suggestions to the tv13.list at nist.gov

- If you would be willing to host a password-protected mirror of some
         or all of this year's TRECVID data please email me (over at nist.gov)
    	 directly as soon an possible.

With best regards,
Paul Over

Paul Over
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Gaithersburg, MD  20899-8940
Retrieval Group
Information Access Division
Information Technology Laboratory
Bldg. 225  Rm. A211  (Mailstop 8940)
Voice: 301 975-6784    Fax: 301 975-5287 	


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