[tv13.list] TRECVID data download - 2 important notes

Paul Over over at nist.gov
Thu Mar 14 07:30:45 EDT 2013


Some of you will have noticed that information about the NIST
data server and a mirror in Tokyo is now available in the active
participant's part of the TRECVID website. You'll find a link to
this area from the table of contents in the Guidelines

Once you have followed the Guidelines, and depending on which data
sets you need, have submitted signed data permission forms, and
gotten the data download userid/password, you can use that information
to get some data sets (not all) from the NIST and Tokyo servers.

In general please handle test data with care so as not to contaminate
results with knowledge of the test.

Two important notes:

1) If you have already downloaded the iacc.2.a files, please re-download
the following file, as we have had to replace the original with a corrected
version on the NIST and Tokyo servers:


2) All of the EastEnders video is test data EXCEPT for the first file in
the collection.xml file (file ID == 0) which is designated as a "sample".
See the master shot reference information in the active participant's

- Paul

PS: Thanks to Koichi Shinoda of the TokyoTechCanon team for hosting data.
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