TRECVID 2018 guidelines

Video data




VIRAT Video (V1 and V2) data

Development and evaluation data resources will be provided by Kitware. For the first phase of the evaluation, a previously unreleased portion of the VIRAT dataset will be used as the evaluation set. New datasets will be introduced for subsequent evaluation phases.

Gatwick and i-LIDS MCT airport surveillance video

BBC EastEnders

Social-media video storytelling linking data

Release of training and test data will be announced according to the general TRECVID schedule. The LNK task website is up and running with information about development data download instructions:

Twitter Vine Videos

Data use agreements handled by NIST (Gatwick (2008), IACC.2, IACC.3, BBC EastEnders)

Please ask only for the test data (and optional development data) required for the task(s) you apply to participate in and intend to complete.

Requests are handled in the order they are received. Please allow 5 business days for NIST to respond to your request. To download the Gatwick or IACC data you need to use the access codes sent to you by email and the information about data servers in the the active participant's area.

Requests for the EastEnders data are forwarded within 5 business days to the BBC and from there to DCU, who will contact you with the download information. This process may take up to 3 weeks.