TRECVID 2022 Video Data Schedule Active Participants Attending TRECVID Workshop Contacts

Contacts, email lists:

  • TRECVID project leader:
  • Task coordinators:
    • See the guidelines section for the task of interest.

  • Email lists:
    • Information and discussion for active workshop participants
      • archive open to active participants only [includes all emails to tv22.list]
      • NIST will subscribe the contact listed in your application to participate when we have received it. Additional members of active participant teams will be subscribed by NIST if they send email to the TRECVID Project Leader. indicating they want to be subscribed, the email address to use, their name, and providing the TRECVID 2022 active participant's password. Groups may combine the information for multiple team members in one email. Please use this format for submitting each name and email address (one name+address per line):
        Pat Doe <>

        Once subscribed, you can post to this list by sending email to, where they will be sent out to EVERYONE subscribed to the list, i.e., all the other active participants.

    • Information and discussion on the Activities in Extended Video (ActEv) task

Digital Video Retrieval at NIST

Digital Video Retrieval at NIST
News magazine, science news, news reports, documentaries, educational programming, and archival video

Digital Video Retrieval at NIST
TV Episodes

Digital Video Retrieval at NIST
Airport Security Cameras & Activity Detection

Digital Video Retrieval at NIST
Video collections from News, Sound & Vision, Internet Archive,
Social Media, BBC Eastenders