Plans and Goals

The Retrieval Group at NIST has developed a Z39.50-1995 UNIX client and server for use initially with our IR application prototype PRISE but designed to minimize the work of incorporating other IR engines.

The NIST PRISE system treats documents and queries as lists of words and responds to a query with a list of documents ranked in order of their statistical similarity to the query. A basic version of the PRISE search engine (without the interface and without any client/server mechanism) has been available for research use for several years (contact Donna Harman, for more information).

The goals of the current work with Z39.50 include the following:


ZPRISE 2.0 is a public domain starter set implementation of Z39.50-1995 with the latest version of PRISE for TREC/TIPSTER-sized document collections and contains support for query enhancement by means of relevance feedback.

Overview of Function Supported



ZPRISE 2.0 is in the public domain and is available from NIST at no cost. Contact Darrin Dimmick ( with cc to Paul Over ( for more information.

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