Guide to Z39.50/PRISE 2.0:

Its Installation, Use, & Modification

Z39.50/PRISE 2.0 consists of a minimal Z39.50-1995 UNIX (Solaris) client-server pair and prototype indexing and search engines (PRISE) developed by NIST. The server is designed to isolate the search engine from the details of the Z39.50 protocol and minimize the effort needed to interface the server to natural language search engines other than PRISE.

NIST Disclaimer

The Z39.50/PRISE software produced by NIST, an agency of the U.S. government, is by statute not subject to copyright in the United States. Recipients of this software assume all responsibilities associated with its operation, modification and maintenance.

What's New in Z39.50/PRISE 2.0 (over 1.0)

New PRISE Search

New PRISE Index

New ZClient

Documentation Outline

bulleted item Introduction
bulleted item Functional specification
bulleted item Installing and making Z39.50/PRISE
bulleted item Setting up ZClient and ZServer using the inet demon
bulleted item Testing using the shipped collection
bulleted item Design notes: bulleted item PRISE index bulleted item PRISE search bulleted item ZClient bulleted item ZServer
bulleted item Adding/substituting your own search engine
bulleted item Indexing your own collections
bulleted item ZPrise downloads (password required)
To obtain the logon and password needed to access the ZPrise downloads please submit a request to Darrin Dimmick, with a cc to Paul Over,

bulleted item Our group has an additional package you may find interesting. IRF a freely available object-oriented framework for information retrieval (IR)applications. For additional information please visit the website.

National Institute of Standards and Technology Home Page For more information contact Darrin Dimmick.

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