Class ProxyIdxFeatWordInString

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public class ProxyIdxFeatWordInString
extends ProxyIndexingFeature

Proxy class for Indexing Features referring to a word in a string. This particular IndexingFeature allows you to keep track of the positional information of this word with the variable wordCount. It will then allow finer grain research and display.

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Constructor Summary
          No argument constructor for deserialization purpose.
ProxyIdxFeatWordInString(ProxyDataElem feature, ProxyDocument sourceDoc, ProxyDataElem sourceField, int wordCount)
Method Summary
 PersistenceBroker createBroker()
          The concrete proxy will override this method to get the broker for the proxy object @return the broker for this object
 int getWordCount()
          Access to the position information.
 void setWordCount(int wordCount)
          Sets the position information.
 java.lang.String toString()
          Writes the IdxFeatWordInString preceded by P .
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Constructor Detail


public ProxyIdxFeatWordInString(ProxyDataElem feature,
                                ProxyDocument sourceDoc,
                                ProxyDataElem sourceField,
                                int wordCount)
feature - Feature to be stored.
sourceDoc - Source document to be stored.
sourceField - Field in the document from where this feature comes.
wordCount - position of this word in the String it is extracted from.


public ProxyIdxFeatWordInString()
No argument constructor for deserialization purpose.
Method Detail


public final int getWordCount()
Access to the position information.


public final void setWordCount(int wordCount)
Sets the position information.


public PersistenceBroker createBroker()
The concrete proxy will override this method to get the broker for the proxy object @return the broker for this object
createBroker in class ProxyIndexingFeature


public java.lang.String toString()
Writes the IdxFeatWordInString preceded by P .
toString in class ProxyIndexingFeature