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Packages that use IndexIntrf
gov.nist.nlpir.irf.index classes and interfaces that support indexes - dictionaries of indexing features by source document or document data element 

Uses of IndexIntrf in gov.nist.nlpir.irf.index

Classes in gov.nist.nlpir.irf.index that implement IndexIntrf
 class IdfIndex
          A special Index dedicated to Inverse Document Frequencies instead of general data elements.
 class Index
          Provides some basic index information and access to the index features.
 class KeyWordIndex
          Extends the Index for KeyWord indexes.
 class ProxyIdfIndex
          Extends the ProxyIndex for IDF indexes.
 class ProxyIndex
          This class represents a proxy for Index objects
 class ProxyKeyWordIndex
          Extends the ProxyIndex for KeyWord indexes.