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TIPSTER Technology Overview

Generic Information Extraction System -- An information extraction system is a cascade of transducers or modules that at each step add structure and often lose information, hopefully irrelevant, by applying rules that are acquired manually and/or automatically.

Generic Information Retrieval System -- An information retrieval application is a collection of components which selects and returns to the user desired documents from a large set of documents (the corpus) in accordance with criteria (Detection Need) specified by the user.

Summarization System -- Document and Collection Abstraction has traditionally been performed by humans. The rapid creation of documents by today's news and library services coupled with the need to quickly find the 'right' documents has placed a large burden upon human abstractors. Machine summarization of documents is needed; this will identify the key concept(s) in a document using statistical and/or natural language processing techniques to produce a condensed version of the document.

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