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TREC Video Retrieval Evaluation: TRECVID

The TREC conference series is sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) with additional support from other U.S. government agencies. The goal of the conference series is to encourage research in information retrieval by providing a large test collection, uniform scoring procedures, and a forum for organizations interested in comparing their results. In 2001 and 2002 the TREC series sponsored a video "track" devoted to research in automatic segmentation, indexing, and content-based retrieval of digital video. Beginning in 2003, this track became an independent evaluation (TRECVID) with a workshop taking place just before TREC.

George Awad is the TRECVID Project Leader at NIST.

Current steering committee:


Call for new track proposals in TRECVID 2019

Call for participation in TRECVID 2018

o2018 Guidelines

oECCV 2018 Tutorial: Video Recognition and Retrieval at the TRECVID Benchmark

o The application period for TRECVID 2018 is now closed. To apply for TRECVID this year please email the TRECVID Project Leader.

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For further information contact the TRECVID Project Leader.