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External resources list based on suggestions from TRECVID participants

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Short name Scope URL As of
FFMPEG Basic Image and Video Processing URL 11.12.14
KNIME Visualisation, Rapid Prototyping, Workflow Generation URL 11.12.14
OpenCV Image Processing, Machine Learning URL 11.12.14
openSMILE Audio Feature Extraction URL 11.12.14
PostgreSQL Database for large data collections URL 11.12.14
Python Image Library/Pillow Rapid Prototyping, Image Processing URL 11.12.14
Scilab Visualisation, Rapid Prototyping, High-level mathematics URL 11.12.14
VLFEAT Feature extraction like SIFT, and MSER URL 11.12.14
WEKA Data Mining, Machine Learning URL 11.12.14
Zero-Example Video Search open source baseline system URL 06.06.17
Docker image tools for development To support INS task using Docker images to simplify development of algorithms
Contact the author Robert Manthey if you have questions
URL 03.05.18
Frame-level CNN features for IACC.3 dataset Applied at 2018 for the Ad-hoc Video Search (AVS) task by the RUCMM team (best runs)
Contact the author Xirong Li if you have questions
URL 11.09.18

Digital Video Retrieval at NIST

Digital Video Retrieval at NIST
News magazine, science news, news reports, documentaries, educational programming, and archival video

Digital Video Retrieval at NIST
TV Episodes

Digital Video Retrieval at NIST
Airport Security Cameras & Activity Detection

Digital Video Retrieval at NIST
Video collections from News, Sound & Vision, Internet Archive,
Social Media, BBC Eastenders