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Please use the following guidelines to cite TRECVID related publication

When referring to TRECVID 2018 in general, please cite the following paper which will be on the TRECVID website by 1. March 2019 but not before:

    author= {George Awad and Asad Butt and Keith Curtis and Yooyoung Lee and Jonathan Fiscus and Afzal Godil and 
    		 David Joy and Andrew Delgado and Alan F. Smeaton and Yvette Graham and Wessel Kraaij and 
             Georges Quénot and Joao Magalhaes and David Semedo and Saverio Blasi},
    title = {TRECVID 2018: Benchmarking Video Activity Detection, Video Captioning and Matching, Video 
    		 Storytelling Linking and Video Search},
    booktitle = {Proceedings of TRECVID 2018},
    keywords={TRECVid, Video Retrieval, Multimedia Retrieval, IR Evaluation},
    year = 2018,
    organization = {NIST, USA},

When referring to the V3C vimeo collection, please cite the following publication:

  title={V3C--A Research Video Collection},
  author={Rossetto, Luca and Schuldt, Heiko and Awad, George and Butt, Asad A},
  booktitle={International Conference on Multimedia Modeling},

In papers referring to TRECVID's work in automatic ad-hoc video search and Interactive video retreival at VBS please cite the following publication:

Jakub Lokoc, Werner Bailer, Klaus Schoeffmann, Bernd Muenzer, George Awad. 2018. On Influential Trends in 
Interactive Video Retrieval: Video Browser Showdown 2015-2017. 
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (TMM), IEEE, New York, NY, 16 pages

When acknowledging the common annotation efforts coordinated by Georges Quenot and team, please cite the following publication:

    Stéphane Ayache and Georges Quénot, "Video Corpus Annotation using
    Active Learning", 30th European Conference on Information Retrieval
    (ECIR'08), Glasgow, Scotland, 30th March - 3rd April, 2008

When acknowledging the ASR output provided by LIMSI please cite the following:

 J.-L. Gauvain. The Quaero Program: Multilingual and Multimedia
 Technologies IWSLT 2010, Paris, Dec. 2010.

 L. Lamel. Multilingual Speech Processing Activities in Quaero:
 Application to Multimedia Search in Unstructured Data The Fifth
 International Conference Human Language Technologies - The Baltic
 Perspective Tartu, Estonia, October 4-5, 2012

In papers referring to TRECVID's work in Instance Search please cite the following publication:

  title={Instance search retrospective with focus on TRECVID},
  author={Awad, George and Kraaij, Wessel and Over, Paul and Satoh, Shin’ichi},
  journal={International Journal of Multimedia Information Retrieval},

When using BBB EastEnders video or images snapshots, remember the following section of the data permission agreement:

   2.2 Small video excerpts of the Programming or small numbers of
   derived still images may be displayed to third-parties or published 
   in a scientific or technical context, solely for the purpose of
   describing the research and development of the Project. No other
   public display of the Programming shall be made by the Licensee
   without the prior written permission of the BBC. Any use of the
   Programming within the context of this Clause 2.2 shall include 
   the following 

When referring to the TREC Video Retrieval Evaluation's (TRECVID's) general goals, guidelines, general results, etc. please cite tbe following publication:

    author = {Alan F. Smeaton and Paul Over and Wessel Kraaij},
    title = {Evaluation campaigns and TRECVid},
    booktitle = {{MIR} '06: {P}roceedings of the 8th {ACM} {I}nternational {W}orkshop on {M}ultimedia 
    			 {I}nformation {R}etrieval},
    year = {2006},
    isbn = {1-59593-495-2},
    pages = {321--330},
    location = {Santa Barbara, California, USA},
    doi = {},
    publisher = {ACM Press},
    address = {New York, NY, USA},
    Smeaton, A. F., Over, P., and Kraaij, W. 2006. Evaluation campaigns
    and TRECVid. In Proceedings of the 8th ACM International Workshop on
    Multimedia Information Retrieval (Santa Barbara, California, USA,
    October 26 - 27, 2006). MIR '06. ACM Press, New York, NY,
    321-330. DOI= 

In papers referring to TRECVID's work in high-level feature extraction please cite the following publication:

    author = {Alan F. Smeaton and Paul Over and Wessel Kraaij},
    title = {High-{L}evel {F}eature {D}etection from {V}ideo in {TRECV}id: 
    a 5-{Y}ear {R}etrospective of {A}chievements},
    booktitle = {Multimedia Content Analysis, Theory and Applications},
    pages = {151--174},
    editor = {Ajay Divakaran},
    year = {2009},
    isbn = {978-0-387-76567-9},
    publisher = {Springer Verlag},
    address = {Berlin}

When referring to TRECVID's Content-Based Copy Detection task and associated research, please cite the following publication:

 author = {Awad, George and Over, Paul and Kraaij, Wessel},
 title = {Content-Based Video Copy Detection Benchmarking at TRECVID},
 journal = {ACM Trans. Inf. Syst.},
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When referring to the HAVIC collection, please cite the following publication:

  author = {Stephanie Strassel and Amanda Morris and Jonathan Fiscus and Christopher Caruso and Haejoong Lee
            and Paul Over and James Fiumara and Barbara Shaw and Brian Antonishek and Martial Michel},
  title = {Creating HAVIC: Heterogeneous Audio Visual Internet Collection},
  booktitle = {Proceedings of the Eight International Conference on 
               Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'12)},
  year = {2012},
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  publisher = {European Language Resources Association (ELRA)},
  isbn = {978-2-9517408-7-7},
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