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What does it cost ($US) to ride on the upper deck of the Star Ferry across Hong Kong harbor to Tsimshatsui?

Where can I get a good Pfeffersteak in Hagerstown, MD USA?

I need a map showing the location of the Penfold's winery in Australia.

I want to find the house Max Beerbohm, the English caricaturist, lived in at the end of his life. If I take the last ferry on a weekday from Portofino, at what time does the ferry arrive at the town I'm trying to get to?

Is the Ring Cycle going to be performed at Bayreuth, Germany, this summer and how do I order tickets?

What is the cost of overnight train tickets, including sleeper accommodations (double occupancy) from Paris to Munich?

How long does it take to get by train from Copenhagen to Oslo (on a weekend) in July?

I'm looking for the names of campgrounds around Lake Louise (Canada) that have showers.

Names of hotels in Kyoto (Japan) that are near the train station?

If I visit Singapore, what, if any, buildings designed by I. M. Pei's firm can I see there?

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